Monday, August 11, 2008

i wish i find the end of this.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

am so under the weather, am gonna drown in this gloomy gloomy air. i hate you world!
got me a bucketful of problems, including losing two employees thus looking for replacements or actually doing the barista thing again. but what's a girl to do? i can start cutting again for endorphins but it's kinda messy and i don't think i can deal with possible scars. i was lucky lang that i came out unscarred before, haha, and for what reasons, ugh, the silliest, stupidest things in the earth!
so what's a girl to do nga?i am so out of the hulog of things. goodness me. i hate the rain and the cold cold weather, i tend to hibernate. i'm a bear!i'm such a bear.
well, it's not at all that bad, come to think of it. i actually have good days, but my better days are spent in my bed, underneath two blankets and protected by the electric mosquito repellant. i lost a dress size. haha. that's nice, no? i plan to grow my very own waist line before december. hehe. so eating healthy and exercising do pay off. that's about it. nothing else to be too happy about.