Friday, April 09, 2010


won't be back till may 7.china. bye.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


just as i promised, here's the painting samio and i did for PTV's office. inspired by gustav klimt's 'the kiss'.

me, the stalker and other random cynic sheeet

no, not really. just kinda searched facebook photos of someone. so funny kasi nakanganga rin sya lagi. like me. haha! and secret lang ha, i stole 3 pictures. lol. hair's wavy, too. this is what sleeplessness do to me, it makes me psycho! i'm not even crushing; i was just curious.

ayan. wag natin sya iexploit. parang si david bunevacz lol.

Y: stalker. lol
me: yeah. yun ang title nun blog entry ko na i'm writing hahahah. nah. u wana see? ahhahahaha
Y: tingin nga
me: hahaha
Y: nice... very
me: ahhahahaha that was funny hahahhah. crushable noh?
Y: yup
me: but wala na sya sa buhay ko
Y: bakit?
me: last i heard of him, *blah blah blah*. it wasnt even feb when he told me that hahaha
Y: lo
Y: l
Y: lol
me: i got that the first time
abba: ahahhaha sayang. seems like a fun guy
Y: onga and he seems nice
Y: very nice...
me: ahahahhaa you're so funny. sayang bagay sana kami
Y: i know
me: ahahhahaha
Y: onga


funny how a lot people kill the whole love/relationship thing. shempre, you have cheaters, liars, whores and manwhores, users, etc. you know, the usual stuff. but i got more on my list.

-when people start to read to how to become politically correct to be in a relationship, that's kinda pushing it.
-when people use love to get revenge, that's definitely wrong.
-when people cry to manipulate their partner, that's crap.
-when people yell at each other in front of company, that's not love.
-when it's just convenient, that's not love.
-when people call their partner names, that's definitely not love.
-when cheaters mistake lust for love, that's stupid.
-when you can't grasp the idea of a 'sense of belongingness', then you're pretty sick.

you get the idea.

never was perfect, though, but i got a pretty good idea how love and relationships should be. but what i just saw from the third person's point of view, man, it just scares me to death. i wish people would just stop killing love.

haha, nah, not really interested in it now. just saying.