Monday, December 25, 2006

24 lang ako.weh!

nakuha ko sa friendster.shempre inedit ko na para tama ung grammar nung iba. pero baka may namiss ako kasi antok ako.

How old do you act? Put an x on all the
things you can do and find out how old
you act!!

[X] I know how to make a pot of coffee
[X I can do my own laundry
[X] I can cook for myself
[ ] I do my chores after being told
[x] I sometimes do my homework/work
[x] I actually enjoy intellectual
[ ] I think politics are exciting
[ ] My parents and grand-parents have
better things to say than my peers

total: 5

[ ] I show up for school/work every
day unless I'm sick
[x] I always carry a pen in my
[ ] I watch talk shows
[x] I know what incredibility means
without looking it up
[X ] I drink black coffee

total: 3

[x] I know how to run the dish
washer..and/or do the dishes
[x] I can count in more than one
[ ] I can mow the lawn
[x] I can wash the car
[X] I can make adults laugh... without
being stupid
[ ]I remember to water my plants
[ ] I study when I have to
[ ] I pay attention at school/work
[x] I remember to feed my pets.
[x] I'm generally organized

total: 6

[x] I can spell experience without
looking it up
[x] I clean up my own messes
[x] The first thing I do when I wake
up is get coffee--juice or hot
[x] I can go to the store without
getting something I don't need
[x] I understand jokes the first time
they are said
[ ] I can type quickly, because I type
every day

total: 5

[X ] My choice in clothing is
acceptable in an office or something
like that
[ ] I can watch politics and laugh
[x] I have realized that the weather
forecast changes every hour
[x] I have realized that no one will
take you seriously unless you are over
the age of 25 and have a job
[x] I can read a book and actually
finish it
[x] People have said that I look older
than I am

total: 5

Now add up how many x's you have and
put "i act like a_ year old

my eyes are heavy. slept at 6am and woke up before 12. fell in and out of sleep. hmmm. i need a caffeine fix.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

"bakit di ka pa nagshshow, eh hinog na hinog ka na? you're ripe and ready for the picking."

sarap naman.

p.s. check out russ' and yosheee's blog for photos from the cookout.

merry christmas, everyone!

yup, it may be winter outside, but in my heart it's spring. haha. baduy.

malamig man, it feels all warm and good inside.

it was worth the wait. thank you. =)

merry christmas, kids.

i love all of you.

oh, so, yeah, okay.

okay. so this guy texts me all of a sudden. i had to rub my temples in disbelief. and of course, he has to be the ass he always is. but then i should know that he's always that way. and i go oh, thanks for calling. and thanks for the kind words. inspite you being the ass that you are.

usapang baliw

jez: dude, gusto ka nun... kita ko sa mata nya.

me: ows? bakit?

jez: iba tingin nya sayo.
me: siguro tinititigan nya ko nung kausap nya kami eh.
jez: tol, iba ka, ayus un...kita ko nung kumakain ka, nakayuko ka, pingmamasdan ka nya...
me(sa isip ko lang): dami ko kasi kinakain eh.
it's funny how we send signals that aren't really there. but you see. i'm smarter than you think. although i'm slow, i am smart. ahaha. wow, hanlabo ng world. well, it had its chance, but i am happy and content now in my own little world. so don't tell me that you know things because i am aware of these, too. now if we all just play friends and just talk about business, that would be better. sa ngayon, yes, i would prefer something vague and ambiguous over tangible things. and i can take care of myself.
let's all not complicate things. we left it there where it's supposed to be. and i think that's the proper thing to do.
at kung anu pa man yan, wag na nating pang pag usapan yan. dahil wala naman talaga.
at ngayon...
i'm in trouble because i am insensitive. i wish i knew.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

wala akong magawa. i'm soooooo bored.

eto na lang.

at eto pa.

wala lang...


i am feeling weird and kinda sick in the stomach. i think i'm dreading something that's coming. i don't even know what. oh. must be the holidays. wehehe. i will be hearing na naman my friends tell me, uy, malami ang pasko mo... aye, malamang nasa antipolo ako. my feet nga are cold in the mornings eh.
but really, this is kinda ugly. i'm thinking, fault. i wouldn't have this problem if i wasn't malandi in the first place. oh well, anjan na yan, anu pa ba magawa but face the consequences.
i just feel too tired and wasted. and to think i just stayed indoors all day. i didn't even turn on the lights until it got really dark. what do i really want? this is so annoying. i hate this day. it's too gloomy. and globe can't load. wala na ko load bummer. good bye world. for now. until globe gets fixed.
ho hum.
finally i was able to speak with blytheee. i got myself a party on saturday. will be cooking for 8 people.
oh bad back. just below the lungs. parang my back is so unstretched. haha. i need a good back rub. uh oh...tomorrow's a long drive from antipolo to quezon city to tagaytay to taguig to cubao then back home. yari my back. and my wallet. all that for a stupid party. ehehehhe.
bored. bored. errr. i need something to do tonight. blah blah.
hmm..mangangapitbahay muna ko for tilapia and atchara. and may baon ako century egg. heheh. baduy. kawawa naman ako, ala decent food here. i dont want to cook. katamad. it's too cold to move.
wala kayong kwentang lahat world! hala, nababaliw na naman ako. i found myself talking with myself na naman, pero dalawa pa lang kaming nag-uusap. weh, i'm a stupid human being. i need a beer. ahahhaha. makol, asan na ba kaw?!!! hehehe, bukas mga equally-baliw friends ko pala kasama ko. si jez, joy, and nowel. ayan na naman!! tulog tyo! addzhhhhhhhhhtttt!! tawern! sabog ka ba?!
oi, hindi ah...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ala pa din kwenta


from eten: wahaha. Anlupet ng statement d2 sa jip. ‘share TO seat, win a friend.’ Aus.

Me: ahhh. Panu yun?

Ten: iniicp ko ba din eh.

Hala sige, go figure!

Went to grilla last night for dinner with the rest of the faculty members. Good kare-kare. I got ham. Haha. After dinner, I went out the deck with tyrone and ten. I was starting to get AC allergy so I had to get fresh air. O eto. According to Oprah as told by tyrone, the meat we eat is digested through decomposition. Ewww, double dead pala ang meat sa insides natin. Ayus. E anu pa nga ba. Therefore we have to eat fiber and drink water to flush out ito. And whatever’s left inside us becomes putty na nagiging cause ng cancer.

Also, the fat na dangerous ay yun naiiwan sa sides ng stomach at intestines kasi eto unan nagagamet pag kelangan ng energy. Sabi ko bakit dangerous. Di nya daw alam. Weh ang labo. They showed daw a healthy aorta. Sabi ko how can an aorta be healthy kung kinuha na sa tao at patay na sha, paano?!! Ang labo ko daw. So dapat kumain ng fresh na fruit and vegetables, na tawag naming ay mga pagkaing buhay at hindi luto. Kasi we need the enzymes daw to help digestion.

Weh anu ngayon?

Yesterday I made my first batch of cheese sticks. Thank you, hunny, for sharing mum’s secret recipe with me. Ang sarap kahit mejo overcooked ata, hehe. Mwah.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Ayan today, I went to megamall. Tagal na ko di nakapunta dun. Sobrang toxic. A few years ago, joy would ask bakit bad aw trip na trip ko mag mall. Well, hindi na ngayon. I hate shopping. Mum had to convince me to get nice girly shirts. Kasi I chose two na pang boys haha. Sabi nya umayus daw ako. So I got three more, since she’s paying, bakit hindi. Mum, I want new shoes din. And a mailman’s bag. And a newsboy hat.
i got pichi pichi, kuchay ah, and stuff for saturday.
i got a facial thing. hehe, masakit noh. nagsorry nga sa kin ung nag treat kasi umiyak ako. shempre di naman malakas noh. mejo i got really teary-eyed kasi na-soak ung gauze sa eyes ko ng luha. bakit? bakit?! bakit nya ko sinaktan?!!! pero ok naman. cute na ulit ako. nyaknyanyak!
sobrang tired ako when i got inside the car, buti na lang dad drove. sabi ko kasi wala akong license. eh wala naman talaga. bad back.
si hunny, sakiting bata...
gotta rush a painting. bye bye!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


mum handed me my money for this payday. i still get to shake my head everytime i get my pay. i used to make 4 times back when i was working in makati. and then i get to think, will it be worth it if i go back?

4 hours of miserable sleep everyday. recurring gastro thing. bad lungs. allergy.


i told nowel that i'm thinking of going back to work. makikipagplastican na naman daw ako at mabobo at di na makakapagpinta. oo nga naman. at madami kaming plans sa grupo.

well, let's wait for january.


sms from reng : lab c abba? ang hirap kc paniwalaan! c sarcastic,procrastinating abba in lav?!

ha?!!ganyan ba ako?! WTF?!! haha!
i was thinking. is there a pill or something that lessens the intensity of an emotion? kunyari, prozac for the happy. haha. baliw daw ako, baliw! well, i guess i do deserve to be happy naman. i'm pleased to announce that my big cloud of depression had floated away. my skies are all clear now. and it's a weird relief that i can identify other emotions now.
sabi sa akin ni madame reng, di daw pwede pagsamahin ang air and land signs, ang libra at virgo. sabi ko, bakit hindi? kasi daw conservative ang virgos and ang librans, liberated. sabi ko, huwattt?! ako conservative. not in the christian sense daw, but kasi articulate and consistent daw ako at baka hindi mainitindihan ng librans ang mood swings ko. si ako pa, very much a virgo. sabi ko mejo contradicting naman un sa nangyayari. ingat daw ako kasi librans are promiscuous. ahahhahaha!! ayus. di bale, dog naman sha kaya, dependable, honest, and loyal ang libran ko. hehe.
ala lang.
dec 18.
lets texted me if i had plans na for the day. since wala pang definite anything, i agreed to accompany her to the parlor. xmas party nila eh. ok din naman because i wanted to get my foot scrubbed. may pintura pa kasi. hehe. parang di ako naligo nakakahiya.
now i have red toenails. ramdam ko na ang pasko.
ten has a mean tummy ache na nagraradiate to her back. i hope it's not serious. probably stress-related daw or muscle pain. if masakit pa daw after the meds, kelangan nya mag pacheck ng kidney. poor thing. her eyes na are puffy. i hope she gets better soon.
i promised na i'll write something sensible. i don't think it's possible. kasi i am mad. kasi i'm in love with a probinsyanong hip hop- a scot who eats freaky balut eggs.ewww. hehe.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

hello the holidays and other stories

whoa. i tried to avoid food but sha ang nag chaCHARGE! papunta sa akin. good luck.
yesterday, i went to shangri-la with vaughn and cheenz so that they could get a gift for their parents. so we went for dinner at KFC. i had two of the tiny sandwiches. ung chicken fillet crunch. ok, tapos walk around, walk around. got the gift. tyrone came and asked us to meet him at green tomato. he bought us a carafe of peppermint ice tea. at first, lasang astring-o-sol, but after the shrimp and salsa pasta and the chicken fingers, masarap pala. got coffee after the second dinner (sorry hun...di na talaga uulit). tapos drove to the airport. huwaw. i'm never going back dun ng december. grabe the traffic, really heavy. picked up ate wins and kuya arnold and went to the fort for the 3rd dinner. dami poseurs hahahah. grabe, i hate konyo gimik spots talaga. parang ang fake ng lahat ng tao. anyway, 3rd dinner was at an italian cafe. calamari and cabrese for me. and 2 teaspoons ng amaretto tiramisu.
grabe. patayin nyo na lang ako.
wala na pala akong other stories. haha.
after my pshyc student friend analyzed me nanaman a few days ago, nagshare sa love life nya.
me: why don't you try cyber dating?
hannahbanana: ano ko cyborg?
hindi. isa kang gulay! umayus ka. hehe
panu mo sabihin na may BO ung friend mo.
according to tyrone:
"tumutugtog ka ba ng Bach, 'tol?"
gtg. hosting thing sa rotary christmas party. next time i promise i'd write something sensible.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

After a series of mean acid attacks, I was allowed one last cup of coffee for this week. while hunny is drinking red horse somewhere in the far south, I decided to get a grande quad latte with hazelnut syrup. Sabi ni eten, sulit nga ang last cup ko.

I missed eastwood a lot. This is the only gimik spot I enjoy going to. Because parking is always easy, I prefer this place kasi ok naman ang choices sa restos and bars. Met up with my relatives from cebu because my cousin Marshee is leaving already tomorrow for periodical exams. We got free dinner at pho hoa thanks to tita edith. I had a vermicelli bowl, un na fave ko sa pho hoa. Sarap warm salad.

And medyo nabugbog ako ni ethan, un 6 year old cousin ko na di kami magkaintindihan. Slammin ba naman ako eh. Binalibag ko nga.

We had ├ęclairs from jack’s loft and took silly pictures. Walked around a little. They left us around 10pm. So ten and I decided to get cofi para bonding. Yun, sa starbucks we saw friends ko from the old office, sina raech and terrie. Saya naman, reminiscing and making lait the people. Exchanged stories and just laughed our hearts out.

Left eastwood around 11:30. when we got to antipolo, black out sa street naming. Bummer naman. kaya now, I’m here typing on Word, with an hour left sa battery ko. I just lit four candles. I’m still finishing up my hell of a coffee.

Planning a cook out for my convergys friends on the 23rd. the tentative menu ay:

Appetizers – raens’ egg salad with roe on crackers and olives
Pasta puttanesca
Beef and shrimp kebabs
Grilled corn and vegetables
Red wine

May humihirit ng crabs daw. Ah eh, sige basta sya bumili. Wow, mahal. If we get crabs, I’ll be deep-frying them and serving them with crispy garlic flakes.

Hunny had 8 bottles of beer and 2 cocktails na. funny na mag text haha!

May dog-cat chase sa labas. Ayus I can hear everything kasi ang tahimik all around. I hate it talaga pa walang electricity. It gets really depressing. And parang nagkakadaming mosquitoes. Asan nab a ung mga alaga kong lizards ditto when I need em? Sana mag ka power na kasi baka masunog ako at napaka flammable pa naman ng paligod ko. Paint thinner, linseed oil, oil paints, and my hair. Scary di ba? Haha!

Oooh…Christmas is so near. And I still can’t feel it. Sana Santa will bring me nice gifts. For Christmas I want the following:

1. a new ipod (mamamatay na un mini ko eh)
2. a new car (mamamatay na si blue eh)
3. new shoes ( yun 3 pairs ng chucks na I’m dying for)
4. a perm (but ate Winnie will treat me sa salon if I grow my hair a little longer pa daw)
5. a camera phone (kasi jologs lang ang phone ko)
6. a big bunch of flowers (kasi tagal ko na di nakakatanggap nun. Eh hobby ko pa naman tumunganga at ngumiti-ngiti parang gago sa flowers. Haha. O kaya bili na lang ako sa palengke kasi mura lang. si blytheee pa huling nagbigay sa kin nun)
7. a big bottle ng clinique happy
8. a light saber
9. madaming toys! (hotwheels, action figures and a real doll. Haha!)
10. and world peace.

Sabi ko kay eten, makakapaghintay ako hanggang Chinese new year haha! Alis na sila ng January eh. Sarap naman! haha! Yan,nagresign kasi di tuloy maregaluhan ung sarili. Haha, pag pasko kasi favorite kong bigyan ng gift ang sarili ko. Ayuz!

school life.
there's this really annoying kid in school. i don't like her. i tried but she's too weird. nasa loob ang kulo. when you talk to her, shrug lang ng shoulders ang gawin nya.
favorite line ko: if you don't answer my questions, that means only two things: either you're stupid or you're mayabang. and i don't think na may taong bobo.
her parents came to the school. i told them off. haha.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Kissing you as you lie sleeping
Gently with you in your slumber
Your face is the picture of contentment
My angel's dreaming, my angel's dreaming

And I'm so happy wit'you
So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you

Opening your wondrous eyes on me
Green and glorious in the morning sun
This moment, what could be more precious?
May it live forever, may it live forever

So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you

Smiling on me your love gives me all the blessings of this new day
The heat in your skin caresses my senses in sucha glorious way

I'm so happy wit'you
So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you
So happy wit'you

softly by lamb


runny nose today.

things to do these coming weeks:

1. host rotary's party on saturday

2. help mum cook for the rotary party

3. think about the christmas eve menu

4. shop for ingredients for a gazillion california maki and tuna maki

5. make the gazillion maki

6. paint

7. photgraph paintings

8. email clients

not in order though, kya magulo list ko. wala lang.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


galeng nito.

relatives from dad's side came over yesterday. all the weeks of dieting went to waste haha. love the lechon cebu. will be looking at a busy week.


kim: tita, gising ka na daw.
me: ha, bakit, may pasok ba?
kim: tita, sunday ngayon...
ate anne: hala ayus, disoriented ka na...
me: oh, i thought monday na...

but really, i am in no way excited to go to work anymore now that the holidays are on their way. antipolo is cooler than usual now with occassional drizzles. i sometimes even wake up because the breeze outside causes too much noise. i am terrorized with the thought of christmas cooking. and if orders come pa, i'll have to bake pa. ok lang with the extra money but bad trip if hanggang 24, may orders pa. oh well.

wow, hindi pa ko depressed even with the cold weather present. haha! galing galing. mahusay na ko ngayon.

still, wala pa ko intentions of getting gifts. kahit sa chinese new year, wala kyo mapipiga from me. i'll just host my teeny parties/cookouts siguro for the kids during the holidays. haha. i told them na extend ko na lang deadline for their writing project, yun na christmas gift ko sa kanila.


zach's number: tita, totoo ba na ieextend mo ang deadline para sa lit class?

me: maliban syo

zach: cheenz to

me: maliban din syo

cheenz: TITAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

i know i have something else to write about, but i keep on losing it everytime i start to blog.


welcome to the world, keon albert ice pinpin! you made my pamangkins list a little longer, mwah!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Trippy song for the night. Catatonia’s Don’t Need The Sunshine.

Oh holy hypertension. I get really edgy sometimes. And then I go kulet and insecure and praning over a lot of things. I admit na how my usual nature fluctuates every once in a while. But given reasons for depression kasi stimulates it. And I still regret it because my aggressive nature takes over me during these moments. Maybe it’s my hormones. Hey, give me a break, I’ve been sickly this week.

Alcohol is a depressant. Mental note: stay away.

My endorphin level is quite low for the week. Ate Anne asked me to go do Muay Thai with her. This coming week perhaps. Haha, I don’t actually believe it, because my face pulls into this funny smile every minute. And Kevin said I am unusually jolly while Zach said I am insanely happy. I’m loving every bit of it. Okay, okay, it’s intense and fast and maybe I need to slow down a bit. You tell me.

I’ve resurrected the paintings I’ve worked on before the art fair. After I finish the last of my na├»ve paintings, I’m going back to photorealism to keep the balance in my folio. Yup, I’m now working on my folio. Really. I get more and more excited to paint everyday so it’s looking brighter. Noel also told me that I should do photorealism again so that we’ll have variety in our group folio. And hunny said we’ll work on a project and I am thrilled.

Mum is missing me again and she’s started to get on my nerves. Sorry, mum, I just wanted to take advantage of the holiday. I locked myself in the studio today to paint and went out only to go for Starbucks with the kids. Mum, there’s such a thing called the phone. If you need me, you can always call me.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

ooh i spoke too soon...

i'm still having a bad tummy ache. i can't even figure out if it's gas, acid, pms, or whatever. basta masakit. if i go see a doctor naman, that means i have to drive myself to qc. ayayay! kawawa.

good luck sa akin. good luck sa coffee. at goodluck sa diet ko. ow...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

oh, finally, i feel better already.

still i'm a lazy ass. i don't wanna go to work and i don't wanna go out in the sun.

the moon was lovely kahapon.

Monday, December 04, 2006

03:05:28, dec 3, 2006

half asleep, i thought i was dreaming. breathless. speechless. and now i know how it feels again.
been a total pain in the ass--was too sickly yesterday. well, actually, until this very moment, i've been having a terrible tummy ache. it went away today for a few hours but it hurts again. downed kremil-s, advil, and motilium, had hot tea, and i have novaluzid just in case. hmmm... nevertheless, the pain doesn't seem to matter. kahit na pati likod ko masakit. huhuhu.
thanks for being so patient. =)
went to alabang for the opusfest's final concert and left my phone at home. hala. nakakabaliw pala yun. tyrone played really well. actually, all his friends were really good. he met a german pianist na ang galing daw. idol nya daw. but mas gusto nya ata ung french wife kasi ang hot. hahah! also saw friends from the college of music na i haven't seen in a long time.
totally deleting a huge part of this entry because tyrone will kill me if i don't.hmp.
kahapon, at church, si noemi na pulpito. sabi ni pastor, dapat daw hindi nagmamadali because god's will will be perfect. kahit daw 22 ka na, ok lang yun. at nidivert ang attention sa akin. tingnan nyo si abba, 27 na pero okay lang. weh. kawawa!hahahah! hey, i'm not looking for anything na naman eh. i am content with what i have now. sobrang content.
gotta go...inspite of a bad tummy, driver on call talaga ako. off to marikina for yellow cab. at least i'll get starbucks tonight, hehehe.babaw.

Friday, December 01, 2006

thundercats win!!!

spent the lovely day with my cousins and nephews and neices. we played paintball!! thundercats(the titos and titas) versus the pamangkins. we won 2 out of 3 games. draw pa ung isa. hahaha.

mikkeli. bleh!

after that, we had a long table set sa resto sa mmldc for dinner.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting mga pamangkins and the younger cousins. mga beho. mga walang mata. haha. hunny, si cheenz yung naka striped shirt.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting kevin. pinakamatyabang. he said he'll beat the crap out of us. sha lagi unang out. haha. tallest kasi. at 15, 5' 10" na sya.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting lookee! i got long hair, whee!

lahat ng photos blurry kasi maka hyper lahat.

i wanna go and do that again. addictive.

but masakit sa katawan. plus, swollen ang left pinky ko. was hit. ouch.


goodnight, world! i gotta attend to something really really important *winks*

everybody here wants you

sam played this on the way home from tagaytay and it got stuck in my head. pang romansa daw yan, according to sam, hehe.

Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss
A singing smile
Coffee smell and lilac skin
Your flame in me
Twenty-nine pearls in your kiss
A singing smile
Coffee smell and lilac skin
Your flame in me
I'm only here for this moment
I know everybody here wants you
I know everybody here thinks he needs you
I'll be waiting right here just to show you
How our love will blow it all away
Hmm, such a thing of wonder in this crowd
I'm a stranger in this town
You're free with me
And our eyes locked in downcast love
I sit here proud
Even now you're undressed in your dreams with me
Oh, I'm only here for this moment
I know everybody here wants you
I know everybody here thinks he needs you
I'll be waiting right here just to show you
How our love will blow it all away
I know the tears we cried
Have dried on yesterday
The sea of fools has parted for us
There's nothing in our way
My love
Don't you see, don't you see'
You're just the torch to put the flame to all our guilt and shame
And I'll rise like an ember in your name
I know i,
I know i
I know everybody here wants you
I know everybody here thinks he needs you
I'll be waiting right here just to show you
Oh let me show you
That love can rise, rise just like embers
Love can taste like the wine of the ages, oh babe,
And I know they all looks so good from a distance
But I tell you I'm the one
I know everybody here, well, thinks he needs you
Think he needs you
And I'll be waiting right here just to show you.



while driving off to work, i saw this kid, a toddler, maybe around 2, walking in the middle of the road. barefoot. i was just a few meters away from our house. i parked and got out off the car. nilapitan ko ung kid, and asked where he lives, and where's his mum. shempre di sha sagot. tapos from afar, malapit sa house namin, ayun, maid ata nila. i didn't leave the kid until nakalapit na ung maid, and told the kid off. sabi kanina pa daw hinahanap ng mum nya. i told her to pick the kid up kasi he might hurt himself. mnagcomplain pa ung maid na masakit daw sa likod kasi mabigat kaya pinalakad na lang. dami pa sinabi. pag-untugin ko kaya kayo ng nanay nyan. poor kid. if i were him, i'd get a new mum.