Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the name i keep calling out to

in my little world of fantasy, i still have a little spark of hope. 

when things go wrong, when things are lovely, i sigh and whisper a name that still tastes sweet in my mouth. followed by the phrase "why did you disappear?"  then i get to think that, it's not him that i miss. inspite of me being me, i still want to feel how it is to be in love again. 

it's like i had an endless streak of inspiration. and that's what i need right now. of course i can push myself to work. the drive i have may seem low, but i can't bear not to get a job done. i just miss that 'oomph' that comes out in my work when there's a bit of happiness in me. 

i used to look forward to waking up in the morning. 

so right now, i'm hoping that history will repeat itself. i am craving for that. if the world gives me another chance, i'm not going to let it fade away. i'm not going to sit here and wait. i guess that was my fatal mistake. i tend to be so patient when others will eventually just start to not care. 

then maybe my mornings will be amazing again.