Monday, August 16, 2010

leaving in a few hours. 12 days in china sounds ok. i hope we don't get extended or something. i feel like i just wanna stay here in the house, though. however, staying here makes it difficult for work to move forward. haha! i love my job,don't get me wrong, it's just my lazy ass resisting to be moved.

my godson, baby porkchop Ty. (anak ni mommy at daddy porkchop)

sorry about that. that was just something i did for yosh. but yeah, baby boojie boojie is a happy baby. (even without carwashing blondes)

see! so cute!

but he's been sick for quite a time already, poor happy trooper. he's had a fever and symptoms of measles. we hope that it's not, though. he also has red eyes. super nakakaawa!

the brave boy on the way to see his doctor.

mommy porkchop said he's being a good boy pa rin inspite of his condition. happy baby ba din. get well soon, Ty!

meanwhile, this ass is not moving at all! get up you fatso! finish packing already! hayyyy...

buy kiddos, see you in 12 days.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


dimple made my day. oh, actually, she made my week. miserably waiting for the china trip and she gives me this wonderful wonderful news. baby boss actually decided that i should go to the ambiente fair! eeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! i hope he doesn't change his mind!OMG OMG OMG! although i know i'll just set up the booth and wear uncomfortable suits, i really want to go. dimple said now she can have her picture taken while playing in the snow. haha. spring na un, di ba nagmemelt na ang snow? lol

oh please oh please oh please!

i'm leaving for china on monday. no blog, no facebook...china's a sad place. lol. i think i'm quite happy that i won't be relocating yet. i still can't imagine leaving cyrus for good. although i wanted to leave for the sake of a friend, but it wasn't for me to make the decision. well, all's good. i still can't leave the comfort of my house. and i want to fix the place, too, actually. when the news about relocating came up, it was also around the same time i was considering to have some shit here fixed.

i want to 1) make my old room smaller to extend the kitchen, 2) have a sleek kitchen counter and cupboards installed, 3) remodel the kitchen, 4) make whatever's left of my old room into a linen closet/storage room so i can actually have shelves to put my books into and closets for all the shit here, and 5) get a new toilet bowl and sink for the bathroom.

sana i can have this done by october. haha! i feel so old!

Friday, August 13, 2010

good morning, world! yes, kiddos, i am normal again. and i am happy...thing is, i can't paint well like this. i can't draw out inspiration from all this happiness!! i think i am addicted to pain. i love pain. it's so...ehm...painful? or maybe i'm just burnt out. haha. that's what you get when you suddenly jump from "painter/designer" to "lay-out artist". oh well, gotta make the most out of it.

i'm also kind of irked because i counted my chicks before they hatched. duh. well, was counting on getting paid after a lot of freelancing, but unfortunately, pay's all delayed. i'm leaving on monday and i only have so little. not the usual amount i take to china, and i get so scared with traveling with nothing on me.

so my cbox has been getting a lot of spam. clicking on one, it showed an ad for writers. reading on, i decided this one's a scam. writers' site with no proofreaders. lol.

eating a cheesedog and dried fruits for breakfast. thank heavens for mums and aunts who supply food to needy kids. otherwise, i'll be feasting on tea. haha. mental note:get real food first when payday comes.

ok ok, enough nonsense.

if there's one thing i hate, it's repetition. everyone knows i can't keep up with the same shit everyday for an extended period of time. ranted about this to a couple of friends, too. someone wants to talk about the same thing everyday. and everyday i get to hear how fat i am. and so yeah, i am fat. but i'll always be prettier than you. so quit the fat jokes. they get old, you know.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

trial lang muna

tinay called me up last night to rant. and it was kind of a funny ranting. tapos, as an afterthought, she suggested that i change my blog's background color because the entries are hard to read. haha. after 5 years, i changed the layout,too! it's a happy change but i think i still need to make some more changes. i'm gonna get a different banner. i can actually photoshop na kasi. haha!

i also went back to sleeping in my bed than on a mattress on the living room floor. kinda missed it pala. so generally, i'm ok. not too sick anymore. very good daw ako sabi ng mga friends ko. well, making a mess sa living room kinda defeats the purpose of my cleaning up kasi ako yung big mess eh.


ali sent me two jars of sweets: licorice, lollies, candy hearts, and chocolates. HOW SWEET IS THAT? love love my baby sister

carlo and i met up the other day and i got me a box of cello's doughnuts. shared it with tyrone, tita, and tito. see, i'm not selfish!

going back to tinay's rantings--ako rin may rant about my stupidity. when i gave totoy bato my deviantart's url, i forgot i have a link there to here. and i kinda blogged a lot about him. stoopid!!! hay tinay, kaya ata tayo friends kasi hilig natin mag create ng scenes na ganyan. LOL

Thursday, August 05, 2010

all night wasak

been pulling off a whole lotta all-nighters.a whole week of it. love my new glasses. they hide the eyebags. LOL. ehm, not successful pala. old gal's gotta sleep! pale and sickly. sana maging skinny din. hahaha!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

i so love jeff buckley. so sayang talaga.

such a lovely face.