Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas na christmas...

nothing really negative about yesterday and today. except for the fact that i slept at 7AM and my laundrywoman knocked(loudly) on my door at 10.i was planning to sleep through the hottest part of the day, at least i won't be conscious of my sweat, and won't complain as much as i did last night. everyone last night was wearing jackets or something like that, but me, i was sweating like a piggy. however, of course, a fan trained directly at me isn't such a horrible thing, either.

i got up around 2PM yesterday. whatever happened between 3PM and 5PM was kinda, hmmm, unusual. mental note: thrill is fleeting, disappointments are disappointing. haha. so much for moving on. well, you can't say i never tried. i'm still in the same place where i started. it doesn't really matter, though. i'm tough as nails. ha!

christmas dinner at 7 stretched to noche buena. had a lotta kinda meat.haha: fall-off-the-bone ribs, chickenjoy(whee!),ham,ate anne's fried chicken(burnt outside, bloody inside hehe) and shrimp with coconut milk and pineapples.carbo overload ng mashed potatoes with gravy, lasagna, and 2 kinds of cake. nagtambling nga ako after everything. ang taas ng sugar ko. haha, that was definitely the prize after being stuck in china for 10 days.

had red wine and bacardi for our annual thing, and it was quite alright. i swear, i did drink a lot, but was still ok walking in a straight line at 6AM. ahhh, ang bahay alak ko, malapit ka nang matuyot. haha. of course i say that every year, like how i'm gonna quit everything when the new year comes. i really am gonna do it this time, just until i'm sure na cabooches the lumpy isn't cancer. anyway, it did feel like christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


back home. had a nice time in china, surprisingly. aside from the cold cold weather, overall it was actually enjoyable. had a lot of tsingtao and was treated to a foot massage and laughed my heart out watching the people dance na wala sa tono. shopping was amazing now that i can make tawad na but still got an expensive dress for myself, kasi it fits. haha. loved the street food even though it made my jackets smell like siomai. met pinoys. and the cake at o'mc carr is just delightful. and i got six of them to share with the people here.

the factory's 3rd floor caught fire sunday night. the offices weren't affected, but i'm still wondering what happened to the tibetan mastiffs at the rooftop. kawawa naman. so wala kaming pasok ng saturday till today. so i had a lot of time to make lamyerda sa changping town.

and now, i'm back. grabe, i missed cyrus so much. he looked happy din naman to see me kanina when i hugged him. and yeah, i melted sa airport pa lang. good thing antipolo's got a nice climate.

hmm...i got a message from totoy bato's partner sa business. he' s looking for me daw and needs something. he's asked for my number na naman, haller, tanga ba sya, we just spoke a few weeks ago. bobo ba sya? ayoko ng bobo. haha. hindi kasi ako nagroaming. oh well. we'll see, take a number, totoy bato, i'm too busy.

and now i realized that the deadliest combo is being hopeless but not desparate. no need to exhert any effort. lol. not praying for it anymore, but not asking for replacements either. steady lang.

want to shave my head, but the shape's not perfect. antok na ko, sleep na kami ni dalgo. hello, bed!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

sa huling pagkakataon

ok.random stuff. just want to take this opportunity to blog kasi i won't have access for 10 effin days. so after writing down the last post, i have decided to stop waiting and wishing and just embrace being alone. the next morning, got a surprise pm from chato, one of the sweetest people i know from innerdance. haven't heard from chato for a long long time. she went to palawan and i didn't even know she was back!

chato: i dreamt about you!
me: really?
weh, can't remember the thing. haha. but she told me this:

i was living in mindoro, and there were a lot of mangyans. i live in a big old house. she saw me there with a hunky island guy. the guy is my boyfriend, and we were so in love. she could feel it. haha. actually, she said the guy is also a good friend of hers. didn't ask if it was just in the dream or in real life. hahaha!

i got her confused kasi i said, island guy, huh? she thought i was into girls. wahaha! darn pretty straight. so told her about the guy i'm in love with and how the night before i gave up on waiting. she told me that maybe it is the universe's way of telling me not to. sabi nya, hold the fort. damn, i'm really patient but if ayaw sa akin, may magagawa ba ko? hehe. sabi ko, sana she saw the future in her dream. if she did daw, then i owe her one. blame the universe. haha!

so i finished packing already. all i need to put pa in the bag are the stuff my pinay friend in china asked me to get. after zipping the bag, i started clearing some stuff off the work table. i should clear that up really so i can actually use it instead of the dining table. i also stuffed a cushion, and now i have a cow print pillow on my extra chair. watched anime. tapos i got paintings off the wall and hung the paintings from the storage. dalgo and iago are now on the wall.

i need a shelf, seriously. i wonder how much totoy bato would charge for one. ah, ayoko na din pala sya kausapin. i don't think it's even worth the effort. i'll get one at the thrift shop near here. hmm, but i want something that 's really low so i can sit on it. i need a carpenter. i need to make up my mind. lol. i wonder if dad would hate me if i throw away the couch. and the dining table. ah the dining table is a magic table. it would normally fit 6 people, but i've seen 10 eat here together.

may wishlist na ulit ako na pwede magkatotoo:
1. a wall clock
2. new big ass pillows
3. new mattresses, one queen sized, 2 double
4.a new ceiling
5.walking shoes
6.derek ramsay

i think dada can buy me the first 5. magkano kaya si derek ramsay. teka, magcoconsult ako sa magic date ball. magiging kami kaya ni derek ramsay? sagot: you can count on it! sabi ko na nga ba, island guy daw eh!!

whatever. so goodbye for now. will be back christmas.lungkot!

Monday, December 07, 2009

i give up. para akong decepticon, gusto ko na magretreat. ewan ko ba naman, pero bakit ba ang lakas ng fighting spirit ko. sana may malaking shell na lang ako sa likod ko para pwede ako maging hermit crab, dun na lang ako sa loob, di na ko lalabas.

ok, so i've made up my mind to become a tramp again. that means, i'm not going out tomorrow night, on wednesday night, and on thursday night, too. but i want to watch the 3D christmas carol movie on friday night after i get my visa so, i'll be on vacation from being a tramp.

when i grow up i want to take residence in a mountain in tibet, be pals with the dalai llama, and sometimes would want to shave off his fur to make jackets. dang, i don't want to do this anymore.

note to self: make carrot and pineapple juice already, stupid. you're gonna be growing another head if you don't solve this now.

---made carrot pineapple juice. damn. i don't want to be a rabbit in my next lifetime.

when i prayed for my life-changing thing, i was given a great job. not really what i want, but it so works for me. *secretly praying to be sent to the scotland office or in germany* i'm actually starting to be comfy.

although i was actually hoping for a totally different thing, i'm feeling that totally different thing is not coming. i don't mean in the near future, i mean, not at all. what to do, what to do? go on hunger strike until i save enough on food that i can actually buy what i want. ha! crazy f*ck.

i think the last days of this year will be gone really fast. i don't think i will even feel the holidays. i'm leaving on monday and will come back on the 23rd. no facebook again for 10 days! sabagay, masaya lang naman ang holidays if masaya kang tao. pero kung tramp ka, mag isa ka mag spend ng christmas. ay! jeje and lek will be here pala. kaming tatlo na lang daw ang mag noche buena.

i want chicken and mango sandwiches, mushroom soup, salad, brie, and red wine.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

this is my fourth attempt to write a new entry. i have nothing much to say siguro. i absorbed a lot of negative energy since tuesday and am still trying to flush it out of my system. it's funny how people come to me talaga bearing stories of love, pain, anger, etc.

then someone asked me, what will you choose, maging masaya or maging tama? and of course, i answered with, ang maging tama.

mas maraming tao pa rin ang pipili ng, ang maging masaya. pero hindi ba, sa pagpili ng tama, ang pag iwan ng kasiyahan mo sa oras na ito, hindi nangangahulugan na mawawalan ka na din ng pag-asa? ang pag-asa na maging masaya at maging tama. sabay ha. at sa pagpili nga ng tama, mas binibigyan mo ang sarili mo ng mas marami pang pagkakataon na maging masaya.

pero baka naman isang airhead lang ako. baka hobby ko lang na patuloy na i-convince ang sarili ko na ganun mag work ang mundo.

sa mga taong pinanganak na may kataling kamalasan, siguro, hindi posible ang ganun.

pero sa huli, mas pipiliin ko ang maging tama pa rin. kung yun ang ikakasaya ng karamihan, kahit hindi na ng sa akin, yun pa rin ang pipiliin ko.

Friday, December 04, 2009

twilight chapter 2 (bella gets her period)

due to insistent public demand,eto na. (sa facebook, hindi dito, gusto ko lang post)

chapter 2

once upon a time, bella is a girl. girls get their monthly periods. ergo, bella gets monthly periods. bella got hers for the month. bella goes out to buy tampons. bella buys tampons with cardboard applicators. you can buy these also in rustan's supermarkets. anyway, bella is excited. it is edward's birthday. edward is a vampire. he is a vegetarian vampire.

bella giftwraps her used tampons. she will give them to edward. she says to herself, "edward will be happy. edward is a vampire. he likes blood. i will give him blood. he will like it. he will laugh, ' ha ha ha'."

bella walks over to edward's house. she hands him her gift. edward opens the gift. edward says," i do not like tampons. i do not like stale blood. i like pulsating vegetables like mountain lions and elks."

bella has a pulsating petchay.

the end

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

christmas wishing

i got an early christmas gift for myself. a purple dell laptop. i named her petunia, it fits, and i am really happy to have her in my life right now. i'd like to thank tyrone for helping me get her, even though i have to pay for her for 12 months. thanks also to leandro for explaining and helping me understand what specs i need even if i keep telling him every night that he's gonna end up with me anyway since i'm the first girl in his life and the first girl he's ever loved, ako din un last. haha. salbahe.
hmmm, i still have a wish list, though. it's not really long but most of the things are still rather impossible. but what the heck, i'll keep wishing.
10. long hair
9. perfect skin
8. free bikram yoga classes and free rides to the studio
7. a juicer
6. a washing machine and dryer
5. a salary increase
4. a new and high-paying job for mum
3. happiness for eten and ali
2. hair for dad
number one is still what i have been secretly wishing for since december 2006. i don't know if i should keep this in my wish list, but i have a lot of patience. i don't even know if it's right to be still wishing for this. but that's what my heart wants.