Friday, May 21, 2010


i'm feeling all the shit and i think i know why. i haven't been taking care of myself since i after got sick. i've been lazy to prepare good food and not eating right, not exercising, and not sleeping right. kasi naman, i feel like i just need to work and work again and not stop. i'm not getting rich, but i am focused. and i am bloatey. so i guess, and i hope, that money just follows.

i also let small things get to me most of the time. most kasi annoy me, when they actually shouldn't. i'm not a perfectionist, i am a realist, but mediocrity is not acceptable still. am i contradicting myself? you tell me. so bakit nga ba? kasi MD na ko? haha.

was at tagaytay for 4 days. and still i can't relax. i kept thinking about emails and the server and photoshop. even during the massage thing at sonya's, naiiisip ko ang photoshop. but of course it is alwasy nice to see my friends who i get to see only in tagaytay.
next stop, china.

Friday, May 14, 2010

sun bathing inside the house? no problem!

made a huge mistake of setting up my work station right before the windows. i now have a nice tan and my fake giorgio armani shades is doing a great job. haha, kim told me to set up my umbrella on the table to shield me from the afternoon sun. great idea! lol.

even putting on clothes feels like torture. i wonder how's it gonna be in dongguan next week. the weather predictions also look bad. i just hope i get better before i fly off again. i have parang gitis, kumanta kasi ako ng mga songs ni sharon cuneta sa videoke last saturday. ay, totoo pala, pharyngitis pala, hindi pala parang gitis lang, kasi ang kati talaga!!! kasi naman, from cold and dry, naging warm and humid sa dongguan. tapos pag uwi, ay torture! masama nito kung ang next stop ko ay quarantine sa guangzhou. boo hoo!

i feel bad about being unable to concentrate. i feel bored kasi. lol. funny, but i have the need to multitask talaga. kanina, i was kinda lazy and didn't want to work so i asked tyrone if he wanted to hang out at a cafe to waste time. i ended up working at the cafe. shucks. everyone's telling me that i'm a workaholic. i think it's true. i can't even go out anymore kasi i feel like i'm wasting too much time sa travel. well ,there's nothing better to do anyway. i can party a lot and waste my life away but that bores me too.

it's 5am and i'm still working. gah. oh well. won't be too useful later. i should sleep.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i miss my starbucks

the first thing i wanted to do when i got here was to get coffee. so sunday came and i asked tyrone if we can just drive our pamangkins to sta. mesa after the evening service and get starbucks on the way home. of course, he cannot resist invitations like that. the clock in the car read 10:45 when we got in. i announced that we'll be at sta. mesa at 11:30. good thing that traffic was really light already. and we had enough time to get to gateway for my coffee before everything closed down.

we were like 5 minutes away from the sta. mesa house, i was busy stating our options(coffee bean and tea leaf, cafe adriatico. starbucks, etc.). i fixed my eyeglasses when suddenly, the left temple broke off! and i was like, wtf! still i was determined to get my coffee. but i had to stop for a bit because whatever's left of the glasses were wiggly and it made me dizzy.

we discovered that aurora blvd. is like a really long stretch of 7-11less land. the drive took forever because we had to slow down to look for any convenience store. finally we got to the araneta center, passed by the well-lit and busy coffee bean and tea leaf, and continued to a mini-stop, but they didnt have any super glue. went to a 7-11 and they were out of stock, too. went to another 7-11 and finally got my glue.

yes! coffee! drove to the parking lot, but the one near the cafes were closed so i had to turn around and park at the one we just passed by. walked blindly to the area where the cafes are, and yup, you guessed it, closed na lahat!!! wah!!!!

ended up at baang coffee somewhere in cainta and checked out the manager who was a very willing victim. he probably enjoyed that i stared. lol.

the superglue did give up after a day, and this is how my 6 year old eyeglasses look now:too bad i have to leave next friday and i don't have time to get a replacement. tsk tsk. ok pa to! lol. well, i have no choice but to keep it this way until i get back. hay china...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

back home and feeling a tad weird

china for 28 days isn't just as fun as one would imagine. lol. this trip was way too tiring and boring, kinda. not really boring, but it just kinda felt like it dragged on after the first 2 weeks. was happy actually at first because i wasn't able to fly since january until march, and the weather there was just lovely. perfect ang weather because it was a relief after the heat ng holy week.

hmm. can't remember much of what happened during the china trip. funny. was awfully tired lang talaga, i guess.

went to xiamen to visit a factory and taught the chinese how to eat chicken wings properly. sold out ako. hahaha! lamig lamig, sarap. baby boss said it was mostly like that in scotland. sana sama nya ko. haha! ako na boss ng art department. lol

oh, yeah, my rubber shoes finally gave up and crumbled in guang zhou. it also made my feet stink. haha. so i left it in the trash can after the canton and jinhan fairs. lol. sabi ko, sa sobrang kakalakad namin sa super laking canton fair, na ang pangarap ko mamatay because of old age, ayun, sabi ko mamamatay na ko doon kasi super sakit ng katawan ko. shucks, after the 3rd day, i could feel my feet swell pag nakaupo ako. had to get me ankle supports kasi my left ankle started to kill me. but it was a new experience. so next time, i'll bring 2 pairs of shoes.

i do remember these 2 really really cute guys at one booth at hall 10.2 at the canton fair. no they're not chinese.not caucasian either. di namin ma-place sa globe eh. pero mahal na namin sila ni dimple. hehehe.

grabe, i think what got to me was the constant washing ng clothes. cebupacific sucks kasi, only 15 kgs ng baggage is allowed and that's like good lang for a week worth of clothes.

fast forward.

so now i'm back home. and just sitting down makes me sweat like bikram yoga. haha. ,may lagnat daw ang pilipinas according to chrissele. hmm. weird lang, kasi, i feel kinda alone. alone naman talaga ako, but this is just abnormal. maybe i'm not supposed to be here anymore. or maybe kasi i've been having a dreams that are not so nice to me.

i know! i think i'll just get curtains. and an AC. lol. centralized na lang para masaya. i bet hindi na ko magiging lonely kasi dito na titira mga kapitbahay ko. gah.

and now it's the next day na, kahapon's tomorrow. tagal ko sinusulat to ah. ayan. been coughing a lot, dry pa. tapos na ko bumoto!

3 days since i started this. gah! slow. ehm, it's confirmed. i am going back on the 21st. crunch time!