Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i hate it when it rains

square one.

that is where i am headed back again. i can feel the darkness creeping in again and i dread it. i hate how it gnaws on my chest slowly, leaving that empty feeling that hurts. it hurts like a vacuum, it hurts because it feels tight and suffocating. i have learned to take solace in the emptiness before, but now, i have forgotten how. now, i have to suffer this all over again.
i don't want to do it all over again. it had once ruined almost all of me, while i was trying to escape it. it almost killed me and now i have to fight it again. and i am now too old and too tired to fight it.
i hate it when it rains.
i hate that i failed and allowed myself to hope again. and yes maybe hoping is not bad at all, but when you have these empty hopes like i do, i don't think it is healthy. i hate myself for letting go of that peace i found once. just because i thought i can have peace with the hope. but i was wrong.again.
and here i am again, walking, breathing, looking, aimlessly, again. and everytime i breathe, it hurts. it's like my chest telling me to stop breathing already. and you know how every night i pray in desperation for my life to end but then secretly pray again for things to be okay so i don't have to actually die. and then after i pray, i just wish i'd just die.
it's like me being the butt of the joke, the loser with "kick me" taped on my back. what was that again? paulo coehlo said, "Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering." what can i do? it hurts because i have no idea.
how to start all over again, that is the question. where do i pick the pieces up? i lost the ability to clean up again. and it will take a lot of trials and errors again, there will be a lot of wrong places to go to, a lot of wrong pieces to find. and i don't want to go through that all over again. can anyone just send me far, far away from here? can i actually escape it? i don't think so.
there will be no one to help me. soon, there will be no one to listen to me anymore. no hope to hold on to, no more peace to rest in.
i'm afraid to go back there, in that dark, dark room. i don't want to be left there alone, i am scared.
happy birthday to me.
I used to be lunatic
From the gracious days
I used to be woebegone
And so restless nights
My aching heart would bleed
For you to see
Oh but now...
(I dont find myself bouncing home whistlingButtonhole tunes to make me cry)

No more I love yous
The language is leaving me
No more I love yous
Changes are shifting outside the word
(the lover speaks about the monsters)

I used to have demons in my room at night
Desire,despair,desire,so many monsters
Oh but now...
(I dont find myself bouncing home whistlingButtonhole tunes to make me cry)

no more I love yous
The language is leaving me
No more I love yous
The language is leaving me in silence
No more I love yous
Changes are shifting outside the word

They were being really crazy
They were on the come.
And you know what mammy?
Everybody was being really crazy. uh huh.
The monsters are crazy.
There are monsters outsides.

Outside the word

Monday, September 15, 2008

additional expenses

being one who loathes the city, i am ironically now, officially, part of it. so dad told me to find a real job where i can actually move up and not just the perpetual lateral way of moving along. and i did. and i've been coming to work for a few days now, doing nothing actually. i have nothing to do and i'm really bored. imagine, sneaking again to surf, watching the heads of managers bob by. again. haha. well, it's actually not so corporate and the schedule is definite and it's easy to travel with the sched so i have no objections really.
but yeah, for the first few days, you have to actually spend since you haven't really earned anything yet. the pay is actually really solid low but i don't get to be tossed around the clock like a rag doll. but i still haven't adjusted to the schedule. i really hate traveling from antipolo to the city and back. it takes too much time and those wasted hours would have had been actually productive if i were to stay in my house.
haha. i could have had cleaned my house.
but i got these from work, and i hope there are more to come. joke lang peace tayo! please read in a high-pitched perky voice to get desired effect.
onlyn teacher: so, how can you help your father?
student: i can help my father by massaging his shoulders.
onlyn teacher: very good, but you can say it better this way. say " i can help my father(hinga) by giving him(hinga) a massage(hinga) IN HIS SHOULDERS!
(ah eh anak, mejo masakit ka ata mag masahe ngayon, tagos hanggang buto)
onlyn teacher: okay, where does english begins? oh i mean, where does english comes..errrr...came from?
(definitely not where you came from)
onlyn teacher: so student, may you answer question number one...
(and may your days be merry and bright)
onlyn teacher: yes, pashionable. are your clothes pashionable?
( comment)
i know, i know, i am evil but i am loving it. i would like to add the things in the modules too but i don't want to think about them anymore. good thing i was ablt to edit most of them in paint. so i leave you with
cows eat grasses. grasses were eaten by cows...hmmm...grass were eaten by cows?
oi, di naman ako perfect, mas masaya lang kung iniisip mo na perfect ka. hehe! disclaimer: mahina po ako sa vocabulary, but i eat prepositions for breakfast. di ba blytheee? hehe

Monday, September 08, 2008

ah and yes, almost my 29th, and getting the birthday jitters again. nah. i don't think it's the birthday.

i am most normally like this.

so. i've been thinking of what to write about and it always leads to whining.

i dreamt of someone two nights ago. he sent me this lovely letter, with lovely drawings and lovely words, special, all meant for me. in my dream he loves me, too. and he carefully explained it to me, and was sad that i was falling out of love with him.

sometimes, i wish that it was always that way. me giving up, not me being rejected.

sometimes, i wish it was always that way, me having the edge on things. me being happy and content. but nothing comes my way.

i gave up on hope. a long time ago. and yes, you may not agree with me. but, it's gonna be like that. unless...

unless the world becomes nicer to me.

but i bet the world will dissolve into slimy damp particles full of muddy colors first and we'll all be lost in a huge swirl of matter and eventually drown in it and choke on it and die. i don't think it will ever happen, though, the world become nicer to me.

and yeah, listen to me, i'll babble like a fanatic.

and yeah, i was evil and sinful during my younger days and now i am being punished. everyday i am given life to be punished for not obeying my mom and dad and everynight i'd pray that i won't wake up from sleep anymore and everyday it happens all over again and maybe i was actually born into this world to suffer all the bad luck and injustice and ugliness of this world.

maybe i just don't see the good in things. but it's so easy to compare me with you and you have it all and you are happy and you are not alone.

i hate feeling alone. i hate it that i am alone and i hate it that i don't have what you have and i hate it that i talk and no one actually understands and it is so tiring and it never stops. and it never stops. and you think, silly you, you have it all, and i'd go, no, that's definitely not true. i am sad because i am sad.

i am sad because i keep hoping and anticipating and expecting for the wonderful so i fall hard necause it never comes and now i don't want to hope nor anticipate nor expect. and i just want to be sad and sulk. and stick my head in side an oven for all i care.

and i will take that field trip inside the oven when i've exhausted myself and when i lose my voice from whining and crying. losing hope. everyday.

and i know a lot of people care but do they also feel?