Thursday, October 27, 2011

why are your panties small?

title of this entry has nothing to do with it.

ok,i just finished packing my suitcase. i'm really hungry now, but yogurt is not calling out to me now. i wish there was cold chicken in the fridge. hey, there is cold chicken in the fridge! haha, but i don't think i can swallow chicken salad at this time of the day. so my best bet would be mcdonald's for breakfast now. not happy about it but what can i do. i'm flying and i can't leave the house on an empty stomach.

ha, i had a glass of skimmed milk. not bad. but seriously, i know i should not be blogging now. i have a plane to catch. as much as i want to miss it deliberately, i still can't let this job go. still waiting for a phone interview, and i'm scared it won't come. sabi nga ng isa kong kakilala, 'cross finger'. LOL

wow, i'm so confused right now. or maybe just lonely. i miss my family so bad that i seem to mess up my thoughts because it think about them a lot. i need a change!