Thursday, May 21, 2009

things that can make me forget

i have a wish list. i think if i get everything on my list, i might forget about most of my hang ups, including you. funny, but right now, this is almost close to impossible. so that means, i won't be forgetting anything or anyone. haha.

1. a 23" intaglio printing press with stand

2. an 11" baby press

3. free unlimited bikram yoga sessions for a year

4. Docucolor 5065 Digital Press

5. a huge shelf

6. a faster and better laptop

i'll need a workspace, too. a new studio, perhaps?

my passport's not coming today. duh. i thought so. karenina said i should get a flu shot before i go to cebu, and china's not gonna be nice,too. so really i should get the shot, and now, all i can think of are needles. leche. scary.

busy week ahead of me. field trip on monday with yoshi, packing and tutorials on tuesday, hospital visit and tito oca's exhibit on wednesday, then off to cebu on thursday. the beach on friday and the sky experience on saturday plus tutorials again. i hope i can survive the week.

Friday, May 08, 2009


karen sent me this:

cuties! but i still don't think i can raise kittens. i'll just keep loving my cyrus to the end. haha.

Thursday, May 07, 2009


all the while i thought i have two months to do my thing. but three nights ago, i was told that i only have one month. i am left with less now,maybe 3 weeks. sure i can squeeze everything in that span of time. i can do this, i can make it work. i got so much practise at cramming. haha.

i'm scheduled to leave for china on the first week of june. i was surprised when i was told that i really need to be there. they're rushing me, but i can't really complain since it's gonna be like a paid vacation.

but, i'm really nervous about the goldfish situation, with bim and gen's wedding coming up and we still don't have anything finalized. plus, i am not sure if i should let go of the etutor thing. i know that everything will fall into place, though, i still have that kind of faith. if i take the job to china, then that would be really good. for me and my dogs. haha. it's good pay and i don't know if i want to risk it.

but really, only one thing disturbs me. what if he comes back and i won't know? haha. wah! wishful thinking lang...

Friday, May 01, 2009

tagaytay day 2

woke up around noon today. karen let me sleep in and i'm glad she knows my sleeping habits are quite twisted. after lunch, we went out. it was drizzling a bit and it was really cold and foggy. i decided to just wear shorts and as i was looking inside my bag for my cardigan, i realized that i left it at the sofa at home when i had to take the laptop out after my first attempt at packing.

we started walking to the rotonda and i got me some bonnets. got a white one and a striped pink and lavender one. and off we went to starbucks. it was i think a kilometer away, but i knew the walking wouldn't hurt me. i was confident that it would be perfectly fine to walk on the foggy streets even if it meant that far. halfway to starbucks, the fog got so thick. and hell, i was sweating. haha! lovely because i was able to exercise, but sweaty at starbucks on a really cold day was funny. still, it was a lovely rainy afternoon and i didn't want to waste it.

karen and i got seats at the veranda and talked nonstop about the universe. haha.i took of my bonnet since my hair was all wet, and also my shawl because i was wearing a tank on top of my shirt. dammit, after i cooled down( and i even had the guts to get an ice blended drink), i went from sweaty to icy. haha! i soon found myself wrapped in my shawl and my legs( i was wearing shorts) itchy because of the cold.

after karen ate all of the cheesecake, we started to go back home because jj, karen's nephew, was expecting cheeseballs from tita karen. we decided to get on a jeep this time. haha. got home and took a hot bath. had dinner and checked my email to see if i have work and stuff. oh, i forgot, earlier, karen told me that the people who was supposed to rent the house tomorrow cancelled so we won't be going home after all. well, good news for me, because i secretly prayed that they won't because i have a class at 2PM tomorrow. haha.

after dinner, we went back to our laptops and karen fell asleep because she has to stay with jj so he could sleep. i kept the door to my room open just in case karen wakes up. then, pinky, her pregnant persian cat, came inside my room. he jumped on the window sill, then up the closet and into a paper bag. it was at the edge so i got worried because she is a clumsy cat, and might fall off and hurt herself.

i texted karen. "normal ba tong si pinky, tinotopak, or manganganak na?". i kept asking pinky to come down already but she kept purring and i can't talk cat, so i got karen. karen took the bag down and set it on the upper bunk. karen went back to bed since pinky normally does that. but i was worried because pinky was purring really loud. i was on the lower bunk, in the middle of the bed working on my laptop. i got up and tried to coax her and helped her out of the bag. suddenly she got all uneasy and noisier and i couldn't touch her(hey, i'm not really a cat person) to help her down. she jumped of the bed and i let her out. she was getting noisier so i looked again and saw her licking herself. i heard more purring and crying and i checked on her again and tada! a black kitten! haha!

karen and agnes both got up to when i screamed(almost scream lang pala). when karen opened the door, pinky grabbed her kitten and went under the bed. so we had to wait. we were all excited and we went down for coffee. and that was when karen saw the sticky frog fall from the heavens. haha! she screamed for agnes and i saw the frog jump to the shelves where junk was kept. go agnes, hunt and kill the frog! sabi ni agnes, "kasama ba sa trabaho ko to?" ahahah! after hitting the helpless plastic recliner on top of the shelf a million of times, we decided that it was just the wind moving the garbage bag it was wrapped in.

so i told agnes to look again inside the shelves since that was where the frog was aiming for when it jumped. so after taking out everything, agnes finally got the frog. she trapped it in an old ice cream container and covered it with a placemat and hurled everything out to the vacant lot at the side of the house. haha!

so back to coffee and pinky. after moving karen's huge bed around a gazillion of times, pinky got her own litter for the first time. 5 kittens, one black and four white ones(but i'm betting some will change to orange). here they are:

and now is tomorrow already. so we sleep.