Thursday, June 30, 2011

getting my SAD's on

the pathetic in me is bringing back unreal memories. and the stalker in me is getting puyat. haha. what the hell, man, what the hell. what the hell am i reminiscing about when there was actually nothing. i wanna slap that imaginary face for hurting me like crazy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

ranting and silly goose

wow, i haven't blogged in a long time. blame it on i got hooked, but now, i'm trying so hard not to waste so much time styling for skinny people. haha. and during the time i haven't written anything, life's made a teeny turn and from plain boring, shifted all the sudden to mixed emotions. it doesn't really concern my well-being or sanity so it's not all bad. but it reminded me that people will always disappoint.

sabi nga,' good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.' at 31, i am still capable of making stupid decisions, but from whatever happened in the past, i had come to the point where i can pause for a bit, breathe, think, and think again. automatically kasi, you see the future and realize what the results or consequences that can happen. i take pride that i am this old. because i know that i am wiser.

unfortunately, wisdom doesn't always come with age. and it's so sad. but what the heck. so long as it is not me making the stupid choices, i don't care anymore.

haha, seriously. i'm not the most righteous person here on earth, but i always make it a point to be a good person. i will lend an ear, a shoulder, and give out jobs. i will help people to the best of my abilities ( parang girlscout lang), and if i can't help physically, i'll always be around. now. if my intentions are for the betterment of the citizens of the philippines, but you don't play your part, then i'm a hater. and haters hate!

but i don't want to be bitter about it.

anyway, on a lighter note, life's not bitching and i'm generally happy. i'm still stuck here in china until friday ( i was supposed to go home yesterday), but i already psyched myself up for 2 more days of chinese food and the office.

i remember a long time ago, yosheee told me that i didn't know how to respond to compliments. for example, someone would go, 'your shirt is so nice!' then i'd go, ' kaya ko nga binili eh', or they'd go, ' ang ganda ng shoes mo!', i 'd go,' alam ko'. yosheee told me just to say 'thank you'. eh bakit ba! until one day, someone i don't know (in the cvg restroom) suddenly blurted out, ' your skirt is gorgeous!' imagine how i had to suck my breath in kasi i was about to say ' i know'. it took me a few seconds before i can actually say thanks.

haha, i'm such an arse.

well, it's funny hearing compliments from people who hardly speak english or are raised in a different culture. had a couple of funny ones the other day.

while working with billyshishenbiao during a product shoot, i told him that the position of the yellow light does this and that, and he was so happy that he exclaimed, "abba you know everything!" i had to laugh. normally, i'd punch someone in the nose if he tells me that. but billy has limited vocabulary so that works for me. "ikaw na magaling!" yun siguro un.

"wow, you smell so sweet and fresh in the morning! at night you smell like antelope" fml. LOL

" you have a beautiful and innocent face. the people in the streets won't know that you CAN fuck!" ahaha...oh yeah, i don't talk about sex in my blog. LOL. but this was just so funny.

la dee da. i'm going to bed. have to get up at 8 and go to work at 9. i probably will sleep in the office. made a spot inside the stockroom/studio. kahit san talaga, have floor, will sleep. lol! night world!