Friday, December 30, 2005

new year,happy everyone?

hey boys and girls! the holidays went by and boy, was it fast! actually, i didn't really feel the holidays despite my previous entry. although i had fun looking for gifts for the kids, i really didn't get much rest after that. sad part of it all, i didn't even get the chance to bake anything. but i made kani maki for new year.

i have two new year resolutions list. one i mean to keep, the other, okay lang if i keep it or not, para walang samaan ng loob.

here's the first:

1. i will go on a diet and exercise more this year. i will lose weight.
2. i will cut on my vices.
3. i will learn how to use a computer properly.
4. i will sleep whenever i have the chance to.
5. i will save enough and spend less.
6. i will cut on caffeine and not spend too much on coffee.
7. i will again go to school and study,really.
8. i will work hard.
9. i will not get a really short haircut
10. i will only get at least 1 tattoo this year (excluding the retouch i'll be getting on friday)

and my second list:

1. i will go on a diet and exercise more this year. i will lose weight.
2. i will cut on my vices.
3. i will learn how to use a computer properly.
4. i will sleep whenever i have the chance to.
5. i will save enough and spend less.
6. i will cut on caffeine and not spend too much on coffee.
7. i will again go to school and study,really.
8. i will work hard.
9. i will not get a really short haircut.

well, i just want to be safe.

Friday, December 16, 2005

holiday blues and cheers

i have cold feet. it seems that i have no drive to work anymore, not even with the pending application for the promotion in process...

it gets really heavy on your chest when you leave home 2 hours before work and you still end up late. i mean, i do try my best but still, the memos would come. imagine, 2 verbal warnings and 1 written memo in just two weeks! eh sa pantene nga eh, your hair grows up to 2 centimeters in every two weeks, tapos ako, tatlong memo?!! imagine?!!!

frustrating. i'm confused about the whole thing. again. nakakainis kasi when i had my heart talagang set na to resign, nikki came along...kung di lang talaga sya cutie!!!!!!

anyway, i don't really care for that too much, i just have to go with the flow. sakay lang, habang nandyan, ayus lang...pag pinalayas na ko ng kompanya, fine with me.

at least i got to meet some of the most interesting people in the whole wide world.

lapit na christmas! i still haven't done my shopping. i usually give out gifts na sa new year's eve eh. 17 nephew and neices, 2 godchildren, and 8 more lovely kids to shop i wish i find time to shop in peace for all of them.

i just wish that most of the kids today are still easy to please. that's why i hate technology. every kid goes gaga on video games and such...this year, i swear, i'll buy books and toys that don't play with themselves for the kids. as for my lovely friends, i 'll probably end up cooking for you! haha! ooooh, i'm so excited at the thought of giving out gifts. sana i also find time to bake for my good friends...

hmmm...i remember the kitchen when it gets all warm and sweet-smelling when we take the cookies and rhum cakes out of the oven. ..

well,as for me, let's see...what do i want for christmas?

...i want a miracle...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i just realized two things today. first, i can't draw, and secondly, i can't speak in english.

very ironic.

now, don't laugh just yet. the thing is, i tried to draw something for our christmas presentation for church. amazingly enough, i just can't. the thing i did looked like something drawn by a gradeschool kid. ask me to paint, and i'll deliver. but draw, shoot...i think i lack practice. or i just can't draw something representational. very ironic for someone who is a photorealist. depressing.

oh, i can speak english alright. but the tasks i have on hand (which happens to be up my elbows now) just seem to flood my mind and i can't organize my thoughts. and i now have problems with my tense consistency. bwahaha.

i miss the night shift. i can't function well with this temporary schedule.


oh, last friday, i went to meet up with my cousin at chef and brewer in ortigas. i got there just in time for the band's final set. the band members were old people. yup, just like mom and dad. but they rocked! they played chicago, beatles, the beach boys, and other old stuff. i wish my parents were that cool.everyone was dancing, and there was even this old guy groovin' to the music with his cane tucked to his belt!


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

will someone please lend me a nice mask for sunday? i will attend a party and if i don't find a good mask, i'll wear a beaded surgical mask. oooh...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

first day in cct

we've been asked to write a paragraph using the four articles. here's my work( the articles are highlighted):

I've forever been living in the city of Antipolo. It used to be refered to as a province a long time ago, but now it's a city. It became a city just a few years ago and along the title 'city', came the noise and air pollution. Anyway, Antipolo is still the sweetest place I know. We have windy afternoons and cool nights almost everyday. It feels peaceful up there, especially when we hang out in some of my friends' places. I just love the long days when we just choose to bum around the whole of it. We can actually still see some exotic birds in the late afternoons and hear the mating cries of musangs while waiting for the sunrise. Cheap thrills are also available when you decide to climb up someone else's balcony and just bask at the sight of the lights of Manila at night. Either with a tumbler of coffee or a bottle of wine in tow, Antipolo is still perfect for late night quick fixes. I just find it amazing up there until now. An apple a day adds two more articles to my paragraph.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

i'm submitting my comms coach application today and i'm kinda scared about the whole thing. i know it's a new kind of responsibilty if i do get the job. that means i have to hone my computer skills, which is actually non-existent. but the good part about the job is that i get to do what i do in school. only, this time, i'll be dealing with adults. funny thing about that is it's sometimes better to deal with kids than most adults.

i have to answer 3 questions on the application form. and i have to do it without being sarcastic or so. it's tedious.

i wish i can just get the job if they won't allow me to resign. i mean, it'll be just for 6 months, then i could freely go. if i'll die of boredom, at least i'll get paid better.

now, how do i impress the interviewers? be as candid as ever?play bored? play witty? ho hum. i wish my self-esteem good luck. i hate interviews. people could sum you up and assume that you're no good in just 30 minutes. hey, i've been living my life with that kind of comments from left and right for 26 years. who needs another one of those loser comments? i mean i know i'm all good and everything (but not with computers, i know), but it's scaring the daylights out of me, really. gad.


*******i just deleted excerpts from my daydreaming spree***
i forgot i invited my boss sa friendster and he might see it because i 've put a link to my blogspot there... hehe. pangarapin daw ang boss!
hindi yan malasawa ha, excuse me...


scared and scary.

feeling: bored and undecided

help me while i float, please.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

depressing thought:
my cousin heard something, a song i think, that goes like 'sana akin ka na lang' or something. he told me that it reminded him of me. i asked him why, and he told me na di ba daw dati, ang daming nagsasabi sa kin non.

i forgot na about that eh. but yeah, madami nga. sana the boss would like, tell me, 'sana sa kin ka na lang.' hehe.