Sunday, July 01, 2012

finding somethin

haha,was reading the last post here. so what made me want to feel love again? so odd. i was trying to remember since i wouldn't have posted it for no reason at all. hmmm...was thinking of a german with a huge wiener. could be. haha! well, i am not wishing for love at all. not at this moment, at least. and the pajama man, though he may cause me a little heartache every now and then, is topic for most of my jokes now. as i have told my bff, i will not be able to get over him, because i created him. so that's history and hopefully he will not be mentioned in this blog again. but i promise to think about him everyday for the rest of my sorry life. LOL.

i'm not desperate. i still go out with guys, most of them the wrong ones, obviously. in fact, i regularly see someone now. he's ok. i actually like him. and he likes me, too. haha. the brutal truth, though, is that he's not the ONE. and he got me some Ugg sandals. tsk tsk. according to pinoy superstition, imma step on him to get ahead. too bad for him haha!