Monday, December 05, 2005

first day in cct

we've been asked to write a paragraph using the four articles. here's my work( the articles are highlighted):

I've forever been living in the city of Antipolo. It used to be refered to as a province a long time ago, but now it's a city. It became a city just a few years ago and along the title 'city', came the noise and air pollution. Anyway, Antipolo is still the sweetest place I know. We have windy afternoons and cool nights almost everyday. It feels peaceful up there, especially when we hang out in some of my friends' places. I just love the long days when we just choose to bum around the whole of it. We can actually still see some exotic birds in the late afternoons and hear the mating cries of musangs while waiting for the sunrise. Cheap thrills are also available when you decide to climb up someone else's balcony and just bask at the sight of the lights of Manila at night. Either with a tumbler of coffee or a bottle of wine in tow, Antipolo is still perfect for late night quick fixes. I just find it amazing up there until now. An apple a day adds two more articles to my paragraph.



angtagulan said...

using four articles only? damn! you need a lot of inspiration in order to do that! ohhhh hoooo.

abba said...

no, what i meant was that we should use all THE four articles in a paragraph...but i can write short stories in one paragraph. =)

i miss you!