Monday, October 22, 2007

wala lang naman

was talking to a married cousin a few nights ago. why do we enjoy spinsterhood daw. haha, it wasn't actually the question. it was rather something like, why we are actually fine with living with our parents now, me and my cousin, tyrone. we're like 28 and 29 already and we live in our parents' house.still. here are the answers.

a. it is unreasonable to is near and accessible.
b. they prefer that we can be around to help out.
c. after getting over teenage angst(oh, i wanna get out of the house as soon as i graduate, can't stay with the parents because they don't understand crap), it's actually nice to be with your parents when you're already an adult. kasi you actually understand what they actually mean. and you have peace with it. and you appreciate them. nag- abot na kasi ang mga utak.

there. masarap talaga dumating sa punto na maging mapayapa patungo sa magulang. i thank ours for raising us well, and for training us to actually think. and grow.


cognezans said...

hey! wow! you found me! but how?

and yes i remember that. ;) its nice to know that you finally made it! do you still work or you just manage your café? and where is this café of yours? maybe ill pay visit one of these days. ;)
anyway, i also remember that we're supposed to meet each other for a cook out. do you remember?

sorry couldn't find a tagboard so i placed my tag here.

abba said...

i looked at ur old blog, looked at your friend baboysai's blog(who was actually my groupmate sa sts,kaya her handle pala was familiar), and i found you! i'm putting your link na here ha?
i just bum around sa cafe trying to pretend really hard na i'm the manager. haha. if ever you get lost in antipolo, drop by.
and the cookout, pwede pa din! i'll make tofu steak for you. but my house is a mess. meet na lang tyo halfway. we'll work that out.
can i have your ym id? para naman hindi tyo nag hahabulan. =)

cognezans said...

yeah, my ym ID is cognezans

talk about small world. agnes is also my classmate at my skin diving class back in UP. i tried to hide for the longest time because there were too many unwanted people visiting my blog and they're irritating me. so tried to hide. pardon me for hiding though.

anyway, where exactly at antipolo is your café? maybe we could meet at robinsons metro east? that is halfway right?