Saturday, March 29, 2008

what to do, tell me

i am so going up and down, up and down, left right left right AABB...

i'm a funny girl. i hate it that i am a funny girl.

luke: bakit hindi ka manlalake?
abba: ayoko ng lalake
luke: so gusto mo babae?
abba: non sequitur. it does not follow.

so i get up at 3 am, look inside my tool box. i find no paint at all. so i go back to bed. and think...i want to paint...but the tool box is empty. but i still want to paint. so i stay up till 6 am, staring at the ceiling or the lights that play behind my eyelids.

la dee da. so tired.

i don't get tired of thinking, feeling the need to be creative. but i still have my limitations and they manipulate me. so end of story. gotta move on with the next project.

what project?

goodness me, i need time and space and ideas. time space warp ngayon din!

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