Monday, September 15, 2008

additional expenses

being one who loathes the city, i am ironically now, officially, part of it. so dad told me to find a real job where i can actually move up and not just the perpetual lateral way of moving along. and i did. and i've been coming to work for a few days now, doing nothing actually. i have nothing to do and i'm really bored. imagine, sneaking again to surf, watching the heads of managers bob by. again. haha. well, it's actually not so corporate and the schedule is definite and it's easy to travel with the sched so i have no objections really.
but yeah, for the first few days, you have to actually spend since you haven't really earned anything yet. the pay is actually really solid low but i don't get to be tossed around the clock like a rag doll. but i still haven't adjusted to the schedule. i really hate traveling from antipolo to the city and back. it takes too much time and those wasted hours would have had been actually productive if i were to stay in my house.
haha. i could have had cleaned my house.
but i got these from work, and i hope there are more to come. joke lang peace tayo! please read in a high-pitched perky voice to get desired effect.
onlyn teacher: so, how can you help your father?
student: i can help my father by massaging his shoulders.
onlyn teacher: very good, but you can say it better this way. say " i can help my father(hinga) by giving him(hinga) a massage(hinga) IN HIS SHOULDERS!
(ah eh anak, mejo masakit ka ata mag masahe ngayon, tagos hanggang buto)
onlyn teacher: okay, where does english begins? oh i mean, where does english comes..errrr...came from?
(definitely not where you came from)
onlyn teacher: so student, may you answer question number one...
(and may your days be merry and bright)
onlyn teacher: yes, pashionable. are your clothes pashionable?
( comment)
i know, i know, i am evil but i am loving it. i would like to add the things in the modules too but i don't want to think about them anymore. good thing i was ablt to edit most of them in paint. so i leave you with
cows eat grasses. grasses were eaten by cows...hmmm...grass were eaten by cows?
oi, di naman ako perfect, mas masaya lang kung iniisip mo na perfect ka. hehe! disclaimer: mahina po ako sa vocabulary, but i eat prepositions for breakfast. di ba blytheee? hehe

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