Thursday, May 21, 2009

things that can make me forget

i have a wish list. i think if i get everything on my list, i might forget about most of my hang ups, including you. funny, but right now, this is almost close to impossible. so that means, i won't be forgetting anything or anyone. haha.

1. a 23" intaglio printing press with stand

2. an 11" baby press

3. free unlimited bikram yoga sessions for a year

4. Docucolor 5065 Digital Press

5. a huge shelf

6. a faster and better laptop

i'll need a workspace, too. a new studio, perhaps?

my passport's not coming today. duh. i thought so. karenina said i should get a flu shot before i go to cebu, and china's not gonna be nice,too. so really i should get the shot, and now, all i can think of are needles. leche. scary.

busy week ahead of me. field trip on monday with yoshi, packing and tutorials on tuesday, hospital visit and tito oca's exhibit on wednesday, then off to cebu on thursday. the beach on friday and the sky experience on saturday plus tutorials again. i hope i can survive the week.

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