Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ok, i think i've been just too busy with work. i've also been depressed,happy,confused,broken, lonely, and whatever my mood swings swing to. well, life had been outrageously busy and my mind keeps changing and wanting more. it's confusing me most of the time, as i am supposed to be past my quarter-life crisis, and now, i'm feeling that i am on my way to the half-life one. and i'm not even 40.

i guess all that pagod is getting to me. i know i've been called 'lazy', but can you not see how a workaholic me is? i multi-task and give up sleep to slave in front of my dear Petunia, and wash the dishes while at that ,too. i want to rant about that now, hey, i wake up late because I WORK ALL NIGHT. except now, since i have to go to the office.

ah china. you really get me going. going the red bull way. ha! i've consumed an enormous amount of redbull since i got here, and no, i don't particularly like ingesting sugar in liquid form. i always preferred cake. but, poor me ain't getting any cake around here. yep. i am POOR. squandered all my money and money i have yet to make. because i like flying so much...

but, seriously, i have no idea what will happen next. i was so confident of my first quarter plans, now i'm stuck with the second quarter and i ain't ready! i'm not so spontaneous after all...

what now?

march ended fast and april surprised me. and i can't really do anything about april right now since i am prisoner to the four walls of my hotel room until the first week of may.

but eh, i was able to accomplish a lot during the first quarter:

1. gave my students huge killer art projects and they succeeded. i wasn't even there to supervise. i just gave them the encouragement. LOL

2. woke up early to go to makati. yup. too early. and thanks to the germans, the embassy was so accessible, even to me, an idiot when it comes to public transportation.

3. the ambiente. yey! i went to germany and fell in love. pero he doesn't know haha. cougar kasi ako.

4. finished 2 wedding invites for the goldfish pool

and with that, the trips to china, thailand,and sweden. now, am back in cina. and thinking of what to do with the 2nd quarter.

so far, here's what i have in mind:


well, i really have nothing in my mind. i can't make any decisions without checking the boss' calendar pala. so i guess i'll just grow my hair. and yeah, try to lose weight for the august and september events. in the meantime, i'll resume to my confusion.

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