Tuesday, May 17, 2011

there's a huge stack of paper and other stuff in my drawers that i need to sort out. this is a small task compared to the list of things i have to do to actually move my life forward to becoming a better citizen. it's times like this when i wish that i have a partner to actually do things like this for me. ah, i'd go for a secretary instead. oh well, since i have neither, i think i will just actually start to do this later when the sun's up and it's a hundred degrees already.

i finally have plans for until september. this is a good thing as i am known for being too carefree and i like cavorting in different environments and with different kinds of human beings.

june is set for making letters and collecting proper documents and detox. i' m planning to ask my boss to let me stay longer here in june so i can even hold a few classes before i turn the thing over to the assistant teachers. i'm really excited for classes to start. i have decided to make my students use fabric to make a plush playground. haha. i'm very ambitious, but i like challenging them. they still surprise me.

i also plan to make more money, thank you very much. and if making money won't involve my present company, i'll be out by september. so dear boss, please make up your mind so i can plan my next move. i still love my job, i still love the fact that i'm not overly stressed out by deadlines and demands. however, i think financially, it's not rewarding anymore. blame it on the fact that the US dollar is losing it's power. i'm not getting what i need anymore. before, with my salary, i can pay my bills and have some extra to spend here and have money when i go out of town pa. now, i'm still here, and i have no money anymore! wah!

haha, well, i'm not complaining. i get answers when time is ripe, thanks to the Almighty, He never fails me.

anyway, my friends worry that if i resign by september, i won't have money on december and they say that it's gonna be sad. i wonder why they think that way. money, it comes and it goes, if you have it, you live, if you don't, mum's always there. haha! well, i have faith.

---after one day----

my mess is still a mess, although i let myself dispose some of the unnecessary pieces of paper like old airplane etickets and receipts. i'm not a packrat, i just hate sorting stuff out so i just stick them inside a drawer or a pile somewhere until it's time for my cleaning rituals. haha, my rituals would almost always start with me looking for a tiny piece of paper with some information on it, this time, it's a receipt for manila water. stupid water company asked for billing details and other information and still sent me a bill with the name 'joel mendoza' and a wrong address. they should be crucified! gah. can't stand how people are stupid.

the first thing i'll do when i get rich- get a secretary!

anyway, my plans seem to be like good plans so i'll stick to them. i hope my plans to go to switzerland and france would also be actual plans and not just daydreams. haha! oh well.

i think i'll just edit my thailand pictures now.

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