Monday, February 13, 2006

i was a tramp last week. i just stayed home mostly and watched dvds. all because of something going on inside me. yup. i'm sick. but we don't know exactly what i have yet.

i had my lungs checked and everything's clear. i was given anti-allergy pills. my uneventful ultrasound also found nothing wrong. yet. but i'm having hormonal imbalance for sure. had a big needle in my arm(god, i'm still scared of it) , but everything's almost ok. i need to diet only.

it's so funny that i am all okay, inspite of me being overweight. of course i'm thankful that there's nothing seriously wrong with me. i just get episodes of dizziness, making me susceptible to vertigo, and my tummy aches. the tummy ache is a manifestation of stress. if people go shedding skin when stressed, i go gassy. as for the dizziness, we don't know yet. but last week my bp was low and it returned to normal after some good nights' sleep.

my cutie boss nikki is allowing me to resign (finally) but wants me to make a really good letter so that i can apply after six months in case i need a job daw.

hay. ugly thing. i have to get sick before they let me go.

oh, and as for the promotion, nikki told me that the interviewer thought i wasn't taking the interview seriously because i was laughing the whole time. but ron was really funny, i can't help myself. nikki told him that it's just my nature and told me that it seems that i was overly confident. josko, i was dying nga during the interview. anyway, at least that's the reason. and it brightened my dizzy day.

i have been writing on paper more these days. and they look more sensible. hay.

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angtagulan said...

wow! buti ka pa! ako kaya pag nagkasakit ako papayagan kaya ako wag nang gumawa ng thesis at grumaduate? haha! ;)