Sunday, September 03, 2006

last year's birthday wish list. those in green came true. and i have comments din sa iba.

1. nike running shoes ( the one that looks funny and is so flexible; i saw them sa eastwood)
2. 3 new pairs of chucks--2 printed and 1 lavender
3. a digicam (we made an old one ganun na din yun)
4. a new pc for me and me alone. well, it's actually a laptop.
5. money for car repairs
6. socks
7. zippo lighters
8. the complete sandman series (but i was able to get some books)
9. a drill and clamp
10. a new hairstyle
11. contact lenses
(although early this year lang)
12. time to exercise everyday
13. a trip to cebu
14. a trip to sagada, then to vigan, then ukay-ukay in baguio
15. unusual knick-knacks and accesories
16. art materials
17. my own place
18. a garden
19. a puppy, an english bulldog (i got a labrador)
20. tequila
21.a bean bag
22. a new bed (but our room is getting a makeover)
23. a solo exhibit (i'll have a two-man show on december)
24. a tent
25. corndogs (i made waffledogs instead)
26. a massage

now, i have a new one na:

  1. a compilation of pablo neruda poems.
  2. more books.
  3. a haircut ulet.
  4. a debt-free september.
  5. enough money to go grocery shopping for supplies that will last me till december.
  6. enough money to allow me to spend without worries for the exhibit on december.
  7. dvds ng movies and soaps ni kim rae won! aja!
  8. an eternal xenadrin supply.
  9. a good gun tacker.
  10. new pillows.
  11. 3 pairs of slippers that aren't slippery at all.
  12. a new collar and leash for cyrus.
  13. a sack of dogfood.
  14. an external hard drive.
  15. a canvas clamp
  16. a personal fridge.
  17. a new digicam.
  18. clients.
  19. more books.
  20. make up.
  21. derma treatments.
  22. a surprise party haha! i want beef and shrimp kebabs, corn, olive and herb bruschettas, pasta, and red wine!
  23. sloppy joes and chilidogs.
  24. a folding bed or a firm mattress.
  25. a suede mailman's bag.
  26. a car and enough gas to go on a road trip.
  27. a new tattoo.

i can't wait to be 27. i have predicted that this year would be better than the last. and i do guess, i'm right.


russ said...

akin na lang ung 3 pairs of slippers n di madulas sa palengke ha?! un lang kaya ng budget e!!! hehehe...

russ said...

dude, alam ko na kung pano ka makakapagpost ng comment mo sa blog ko... dun sa choose identity... piliin mo un "other" na option. tapos lagay mo lang name and un site ng blog mo. un na... ganun lang pala un... ganun kse ginawa ko e... hehehe...

abba said...

hehehe! yun nga! atus, russ, pwede na ko mamalengke araw-araw hehe!

russ said...

dude, binago ko un url ng blog ko ha?! eto n para di naman obvious ang full name ko. parang give away na lang e. hehehe... parang me magkakainterest sa akin noh??!! hahahaha

nga pala, im considering 2 dun s wishlist mo pinagpipilian ko p sila e hehehe...sana di ako maunahan... :)

russ said...

ur no. wish has come true... hehehe...