Saturday, July 07, 2007

things to do:
1. finish lay out for:
a. menu board
b. menu
c. etc. (alam ko marami pa yan pero di ko maisip ngayon eh)
2. talk to the signage people
3. look for furniture
4. pick up stocks
5. grocery
6. cook
7. look for uniforms
8. budget
9. try to work out
10. think of more things to do
i hope i can get things done this week. and i hope i can go to the gym. i really need endorphins. its better that way than cutting myself up. haha. as soon as this picks up, i'm going to work out na. balak ko kasing sumali sa search for the white castle girl. ehehe. seriously. hehe. iinum na ko ng fitrum kasi idol ko si juday. weh!
wala ng signs ng mga friends ko na daga. haha, everytime i'd use the bathroom sa gabi, i turn on the lights first and knock hard on the door. ahahaha! oh, one more thing i forgot to get pala, toothpaste. weh. but kanina when i starteed craving for cake, i didn't hesitate to get one delivered here even if i had to spend the last 300 bucks sa wallet ko. kaya pagising ko, i'll go look for an atm to get money habang di nagsasalita kasi di pa ko nagsisipilyo. yan ang tothyal!

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