Tuesday, August 28, 2007


tough life. haha. still haven't changed my outlook a bit. still cloudy. but nevertheless, i got resources. oh, but i discovered one more source of stress. huge families and conflicts. oh well, can't get rid of them so i might as well just share the love! and stay out of trouble. so i'll just keep my mouth shut and stop complaining.
been out of tune and losing my rhythm. been up till 4 am. this is worse than the usual night shift, but i'm enjoying because i have a new alibi for staying up late.
now it's 4.17 am, the next day.
can't keep my focus still. juggling my rational thoughts with the stupid ones. spent the late afternoon recording sales for the past week and watching edward norton. i am gonna marry him. well, shempre joke lang yan. hay, i'm pretty much bloated because of huge mugs of mint mocha with whipped cream. ah, whipped cream. my worst enemy. i know i should just stop it but eversince i discovered the art of whipping, i can't help but make those lovely rosettes. and they all find their way into my tummy and my arms and my thighs and my cheeks. hahaha! okay okay, i will stop today.di na ko iinom ng cafe mocha. fattening. tubig na lang.
i miss eten sobra.
kept yapping and yapping, told tyrone stories about my life na hindi nya alam. and then i talked some more and complained some more and eventually ran out of sense and got tired of hearing my voice. oh...
i remember interviewing someone, this guy applying at the cafe:
me: tell me something about yourself
dumbo: yung honest?
ahhh, may trabaho ka! naman.
oh, blue lost his hiccups. the problem was with the intake manifold. when we bought blue, isa lang yun, eh nung isang araw, dalawa na sya, ayun. haha, buti na lang mum is here kaya napagawa agad. and now i have a list na of the repairs needed to be done. i think i'll spend something around 40k pa to get him looking and running like new. and if i can make gapang that, i won't sell him. now that's a diffrent story with big. si big kasi is a mazda b2000 na gasolina ang makina at toyota pa. san ka pa.
i am so full of nonsense. oh, and i'll be 28 in a couple of weeks. my wishlist:
wala pala.
not that i have everything i can ever wish for, but i just dont want anything anymore. and if there is one thing that i really really want, i probably won't get. so surprise me.


Anonymous said...

hayzzzzzzzz... today is 090207 and i just want to tell you that i enjoyed our little conversation last night... hehe... ingatz lagi!!!

tinay_md said...

hey miss! how's the cafe doing? yihee... birthday girl! see you soon. dinner tayo ha?

abba said...

si anonymous - salamat din sa pagsakay sa kalokohan ng friends ko

tinay!! surely. see you soon. =)