Saturday, March 28, 2009


i have been typing semiconsciously and can't seem to write something worth reading. man, i bore myself when i start reading my thoughts. i had written something about prayer, and deleted half of it. or maybe the whole thing. then, i started on an open letter to someone, then deleted most of it. then i started writing about how i started writing about these two but i can't move on after the second sentence.
so what am i doing now?
three days ago(or four), someone from a call center near here called me up. i was driving myself slowly to death waiting for a call from them. after 3 weeks, i did get the call and was asked to come in for an interview. i was applying for an ace coach position. it's the entry level of the english department.
so i did go to the scheduled interview. i waited for 2 hours there! the tests were generally easy. i just had trouble in the voice recording part. my voice sounds shitty when recorded. then i had to wait for an hour more for the first interview. it was also shitty since i hate interviews. i hate being judged. haha. and i got really nervous, i kept mumbling about nonsense. but the girl liked me and asked me to come in at 9am the next day for a presentation and another interview.
ok lang kayo??!
but i went there again, despite the fact that mornings are really overrated. i got there, announced to the recruitment desk that i was there already and was told to wait. and after waiting for two and half hours, i told them i had to go. then the girl i spoke with the night before told me that i shouldve told the guards that i was there already. what? ako pa may kasalanan? i know it's not really good to reschedule an interview, but they're not paying for my time naman yet di ba?
so driving home, i decided i didn't want to do this after all. you see, while waiting for the interview, i had a mild anxiety attack. couldn't bear the noise and the ghetto-ness(haha) of the place. haha. and i had a few other options which i think will be better for me. i mean i'm not all that cut out for the position i know, and there are better people than me for that job.
so i spoke with mum, asked for her advice, and she told me not to apply anymore. i might get sick daw again. and she doesn't like the idea of me traveling to work. haha. imma big baby.
after that, i called in the kids, and made chicken ala king crepes. had a suddenly mini party at home when the titas and the friends came over. haha. i love my crepes. yum.
crepe recipe:
1 cup flour
1 1/3 cup non fat milk
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 tbsp melted butter
throw them all in a bowl, mix till smooth and refridgerate for an hour. use a really hot flat pan, pour about 1/4 cup of the batter, twirl the pan around( make sure you take it from the waist for exercise) till it's spread out and really thin. flip when batter bubbles.
filling can vary depending on the time of the day and availability of food in the fridge and cupboard. do not make crepes when you hate getting your fingers burned.
cooking crepes makes me happy.
what about the title of this entry? you can call or text to ask me. haha.


russ said...

i know about the title. hahaha...

Anonymous said...

ah.. we're making crepes for our next cookout. prolly next week or the week after :]