Wednesday, June 03, 2009

cereals, cebu, and my nerves

had to delete 6 drafts before this entry. haha. been really lazy about writing, which is a good thing because that meant less whining.

May had been a merry month in spite of the fact that i am still depressing and obsessing about my one true love. tried to do something about it, but ended up being too busy and anxious about what about May? ok, so i tried to squeeze everything into this month including vacations, paper works, 2 jobs, and worrying. oh, and unexpected events/babysitting. and also, i think i was out more this month than i've ever been since the year started. i never imagined myself being a daywalker but i really had to force myself to go out.

May started with a quiet time in tagaytay. spent a few days with karenina, enjoyed coffee and endless talking. got back home to stress on waiting for my passport, which came 3 days late. spent the days eating canned food since i was too poor to buy real food.

going-away party at kris' (the swedish meatball/manfloozy/friend) place one wednesday. but yeah, he didn't make it to the plane the first time(didn't bring enough money for the terminal fee and the atms at the airport weren't working). he didn't make it the second time too(he didn't have papers). well, got really wasted at the party and karenina posted the incriminating photos in facebook. please don't bother to look. seriously.

and somewhere along the middle, had a mong kok lunch with joy. she's back!

then, the subic trip came. drove with my friends from the village to a huge house with airconditioning in all rooms. cooked for everyone and we all got wasted on bacardi 151. had fun playing guesstures and was forced out of bed since someone said that being drunk inside the house is dangerous. almost everyone threw up. haha. then got me a big bag of cereals with marshmallows, a box of captain cruch, and mint chocolates from duty free.

then as if the universe was conspiring with me, got a phone call the next sunday from kris that he needed a place to crash since the parents of the girl he was staying with are coming. was forced to drive to crame because he insisted that he had luggage(told me that thrice over the phone while i was trying to give instructions on how to get here to antips). kris stayed for a while and ate my cereals (cereals with milk, cereals on bread, mixed cereals,etc) since i don't have real food in the house. finally kris realized he had money in the bank after a week of poverty and spent his last days outside partying. which was really good because i really didn't like sharing the bed with him because i can't snore all i want. (hey,it's hard to look pretty when you are sleeping, and i didnt want to embarass myself) (and i got a lot of mean remarks about my being all talk and no action...hey...)

joy and i had another mong kok lunch with beer. went to visit her dad that day, and we went to tito oca's amazing show that night. (it's still on so catch "wounded spirit" at the megamall art center till the end of this week i think).received a pleasant surprise before i left megamall and it made my heart jump...hay... got home late and packed kris' bags and mine.

the next day it was off to cebu for me and to sweden for kris who made me carry his luggage to the car. letlet drove me to the airport and damn, loved cebu but i ain't going back there in a long time. man, food is cheap and amazing and i am pretty sure i gained weight. hmft. haha.

did the skywalk thing at club ultima the first night. for free. thanks to uncle virgil and tita edith, and to the driver, jepoy. next day was rainy and jepoy didn't book a reservation for sumilon for island hopping and was too lazy to drive to bantayan. we were forced to stay in the ayala terraces since i also had to do a class at 4pm that day. but the class wasn't really mine and i wasted good good time stressing myself out on that. we went home and accomplished nothing. mumai and karenina stayed in bed from 5pm to midnight and i didnt want to go out anymore but they did so we went clubbing at club vudu with my cousins and some friends. damn. the moment i walked into the bar, this cute irish guy started dancing with me, had his hands on my shoulders in an awkward way(he was like 6" something so it really did look and feel awkward) and i was like "uh oh" and yeah, i ran away. haha! damn. i couldn't flirt back! haha! i did find my way back to the dancefloor and back to the guy, but i was too uncool and was too weird and yeah, i didn't get his name and number. am i getting old or what? haha...oh yeah...i'm stuck up...

so the third day was spent at another mall. stupid stupid decision. but karenina and mumai did their shopping and we went to another bar that night but it wasn't really a nice place so we went home and finally, the fourth day came. jepoy took us to parkmall for a P235 lunch buffet. ate crab,salad, squid, lechon atc but stayed away from rice. damn. it's like sooo cheap. haha, but it was uncle's treat again even if he weren't there. we drove to maribago white sand beach resort and used uncle's certificates. we got upgraded to a suite for free and finally was able to go swimming. lovely lovely place, but the grilled rock lobster was lovelier. haha.

fourth day was spent on traveling and hanging out with my cousins later that night.last day was spent pigging out in club ultima and a chinese lunch buffet(care of tita edith and uncle virgil). arrgh! flight back home was bumpy.

finally got back home June 2. tired. and happy.

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