Wednesday, September 23, 2009

cleaning up and inspiring

hello again. i'm done for the day with work and it's still early so i guess i have a lot of time to blog. LOL.

last month, before i went to china, i considered doing the master cleanse detox. it's something you do for at least 10 days to clean up. for losing weight, cleaning up your bodies of toxins, and to jumpstart a new lifestyle. i had told lelets about it and she was hesitant. i decided to do it anyway. i told my mum about it and emailed to her the articles i found about it.

the master cleanse is at least 10 days of lemonade. here's the recipe for one pint of the mix:
-juice from one lemon
-3 tbsp pure maple syrup(organic is the best, don't use flavored syrups. we cut down to 1 1/2 for our mix since we were targeting weight loss)
-1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
-the rest of the pint is non-chlorinated water
you get to drink 4 to 6 pints a day. but there's also the herbal laxatives at night and the salt water flush in the mornings.

mum did it ahead of me. i spoke to her on her 7th day and she was doing okay. it was also right on time because her work license expired and was home most of the time. mum lost 10 pounds and ten said she looks younger. surprisingly, lelets also agreed to do it before she leaves for europe. so we started august 25. we were sorta scared pa nga kasi the maple syrup is really expensive. but i was determined to do it and was focused on keeping a strong stand to motivate lelets. it was lelets' first time to do fasting; i did apple juice fasting a couple of times this year already.

it was kind difficult for me during the fast kasi a lot happened during those 10 days.

2nd day, party at manoli's for the launch of epy quizon's website, there were bbq and beer and i had my lemonade. manoli was even offering me vodka for my juice. LOL. but i was stronger than that. hahah.seriously, it was funny because i stayed in the den and the bbq plate was right in front of me. danced to lovely music with kat. it was the first time, i think, that i didn't go home drunk from manoli's place. haha.

4th day was when i lost my phone. imagine, sitting in front of carlo and martin in chowking while they ate the lauriat plates. hahaha.

5th day, a saturday, i was again at manoli's for epy's daughter, misha's, party. i went there to paint faces. i stayed there only to do four faces, the kids weren't really interested in it. they were just having a lot of fun running around the garden. there was this cute kid, elias. he wanted me to make him into a fierce dragon. he was so happy with his face and showed off by hanging upside down on the monkey bars. he wasn't fierce; he kept on hugging me and sat on my lap and made me hug him. sooooo cute. i loved his brown curly hair. haha. when they started to bring out the food, i excused myself to go to another party. kids' party pa din. it was also my niece chloe's party. i got to gateway almost an hour and a half after the party started. and they were just starting to eat. ahhh...of course by that time i had no cravings for food. painted my pamangkins' faces and hugged a lot.

after that, the kids asked me if we can go to eastwood. i was running out of juice and had to settle for water. haha. so there with my truckload of pamangkins, we went. ayan, we stopped over at red mango. argh!! i love red mango's frozen yogurt, shempre ang galing ko, didn't have any.

it was also on the 5th day that joy's dad passed away. drove to the memorial chapels on day 6 and day 7. nainggit pa ko kay joy kasi she ate tokwa with tausi. leche.

10th day was another party at greenbelt 5. tinay invited me to bleach catastrophe. they had a launch party for cecille van straten's line in their store. argh. cibo and red wine. i just enjoyed watching samio and tope run around drunk and enjoyed more listening to samio speak in english. excused myself early and went home. happy that i overcame. haha

the 11th day is just orange juice day. and that was a really toxic day for me and lets. we had to go to galeria at 5 am to meet with someone. and got on a cab to get paper all the way to QC, and then to the printers in katips to drop of the files for bim and gen's invites. weird pa nga ang transition ko from the 10th to the 11th day kasi we didnt actually sleep.

anyway. i did cheat twice. i had 2 bananas during the thing. i was getting cramps and i think i needed potassium. anyhoo, i lost about 8 pounds. and my face looks thin. haha. lets lost a lot din.after that, ten did it and lost 10 pounds. my cousin,grace, did it, and lost 8 pounds. joy and kcue are doing it now. i bet they'll lose a lot.

the best part is the inspiring othere people to do it part. i can't eat processed food now. and rice is very hard for me to digest. i still eat cake, but not like before when i can finish one whole of a mini coffee crunch cake. lol.

now i need to exercise. i hope i can do yoga. but for now, i think i'll just walk around. will walk around legaspi over the weekend.

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