Monday, September 21, 2009

dork daw ako

so, it's been a long time and i have got a lot of stories to tell.

the story of the traveling cellphone

so eten got me a new phone. it's a chocolate nokia 6300. complete with plastic on the lcd. it was a month old when lelets asked me to go to the bank and to sm with her. so ok,i got dressed and put the phone in my right pocket. when i got in the car(sat on the backseat), she told me that we'll just go to the bank but we had to take her mom to a church somewhere in antips.

moved to the front seat after tita got out. we were going to pnb pala, which was a good thing kasi i had to go to NBS for some face paint. lelets went to get money and i went in the store na.when we got back to the car, i reached for my phone, which wasn't in my pocket. i looked for it in my bag, and it wasn't there. i actually even forgot if i did bring my phone with me. and i was like, uhm, mustve left it on the dining table.

we had to go to another bank and since the line was long in bpi, lets asked if she can go home muna to use the bathroom. i asked her to peek in my window to check if my phone was home. she got back after 30 minutes and told me that she didn't see anything. so we went back home. i checked the table, the bed, the other tables, hala, my phone wasnt anywhere to be found. told lets about it.

lelets felt a little guilty ata and said we should retrace our steps. haha, and for more drama, it started to rain, hard. went back to the church, asked around, no one came to turn in the phone(super busy nung place kasi they were selling cheap rice that day). i was feeling ok naman, trying to be calm about it. lets told me that i should try calling the phone. so i did, and my calls went through but no one was answering my hellos, all i could hear was music. i started feeling sore...i still count on the goodness of people, you know. this went on for like 4 times. sent messages like, i'll give back a reward and shit like that. pati sa nbs,wala yung phone. argh. it hurt ah.

lets dropped me off na and i told her na we should just go to sm so i can get a new battery and housing for my old phone. i felt sad na that time. kasi yung crush ko was texting. ahahah! joke lang yun. that was around 5pm.

around 6:30,lets called me up on the landline. may nag text daw sa kanya:"hawak ko cp mo,puntahan mo dito sa brgy looc, cardona rizal". katakot,parang kidnappers!cardona is like 3 towns away from antipolo,and you have to travel the zigzag downhill, nakakatakot,ang dilim,parang horror movie! we called up a guy friend to drive for us(kawawa walang car) and asked another guy friend to accompany us. so nag road trip kami.

we met with this guy, ingkit(kasi isang mata lang nya ung singkit), in morong. he told us what happened. a relative nila, the hometown alcoholic/praning found the phone daw. he went home to his bayaw(father in law ba un?), and asked the old man how to turn the phone off. when ingkit asked him what that was, the guy turned around and went out, got into a tricycle. he followed him daw on his own trike. he notified na daw the brgy tanod to intercept. so it was the tanod who had the phone that time na. kaya pala we needed to go to cardona kasi we need to make a report pa in the brgy hall para maayos ang turn over. so ok,they led us to the place.

ang maganda jan, para kaming celebrities. ang daming fans when we got there. ang dami daw kasing chismoso at chismosa dun. yung iba, mga may kaso, siguro kasi mahilig sa mga away at rambulan ang mga tao dun.LOL. at ang tanod,si mang lets(he was like happy na magkatukayo sila ni lelets hahahaha) told the story again. version nya. super tanod! sya ang bida. ininterview pa ko, para malaman kung ako talaga un owner ng phone.
unang tanong, kanino ang unang number: si aaamikkeliaaa po.
sino ang huling number: si zoomie po.
TAMA! anong kulay: brown po na may brief na leather na brown din.
at ako ay nagwagi ng isang nokia 6300 sa halagang P1000 plus P100 kasi nagpaload pa si mang lets para makareply sa mga messages namin. palakpakan!!! maraming salamat po!

inside the brgy captain's office, the mediator started interviewing me again as mang lets started writing on the log book. pati serial number nilagay pa nya.
mang lets: ano ang buong pangalan mo?
me: abba gayle mendoza po.
me: a-b-b-a..
ML: a-b-b-a
ML: j-e-y-l-e
me:G at A po...
ML: j...e...
at ngayon ako na si abba jeyle mendoza.

got my phone and a new name. lelets in turn got good mornings from ingkit.
as for the brgy tanod, he tried borrowing money from us. haller. mga hamak na mga empleyado lang po kami at ang kinikita po namin ay sapat lang po sa pangangailangan namin at ng pamilya namin.

still, i do believe that people are basically good even if they can have vested interests. same banana.

more to come...

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