Thursday, February 18, 2010

speaking too soon

ah yeah, after publishing the last post, i did get a dizzy episode. sheesh. and now i have vertigo meds that make my tummy feel sick. darn it.

well, on a better note, i got me another business deal. and another friend also proposed another thing that's gonna be a really really good deal.

according to koji my dear friend, katulad ni kris aquino sa movie na 'feng shui', lahat ng swerte ko sa career ay may kapalit na kamalasan sa love life. more werk werk werk, less boys. haha! so now, i have to tell you i am really straight, but pathetic as it may seem, koji looks for guys for me at his favorite gay-dating site. kahit man lang daw gay, may makita akong mga lalake. haha.

i'm not complaining. i am working my ass off to forget a boy. for heaven's sake. haha! pag di pa ba naman ako matuto. hahaha!

i won't be going to china this march(wheee!). i should really go see specialists noh? sayang naman the month if i don't. thing is, if i do, i might not have enough money for shopping in HK! wah! kaya kelangan humada. hahahah! humataw pala. ano ba yan. lol. well, i think i can manage, and i can even ask my health care provider(dada!) for assistance. haha!

been painting for 3 weekends already. samio kicks ass pa din. and i'm the greatest. lol. will post pictures soon. i also submitted the second batch of revised spreads for hopepictures. i wish we can finish with everything already because i really need to pay the bills. and i'm really going crazy over the mineral make up i want to get. haha. i'm sooooo arte!

i want to meet up with yoshi later but i don't know if i can trust myself yet. i get dizzy walking from here to lets'...i wonder if i'll survive galeria, with a pregnant woman, and no money. nice combo. i bet it was avatar in 3d that triggered this whole thing!! imagine, hearing the stupid lines over and over all in 3d! i see you...i see you my ass! gah!

nothing much really has been happening. i don't even go out. i just stay indoors and i'd only go out for dinner if it's for free. nothing too exciting about carrot pineapple juicing in the morning. oh and yeah, i was hoping i can be vegetarian, apparently, "healthy" for me is not being healthy, i need my red meat yeah!!! iron-rich diet daw eh, low normal ang red blood cells ko. i'll die if i don't eat meat, lol, goodjab!

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