Monday, February 15, 2010

this is fresh. hehe

finally, i woke up without any signs of getting sick today. 11am also felt nice as it's kinda cloudy and it's not too bright outside. after days and days of a foreboding vertigo thing, i am not dizzy today.

kevin, my nephew, decided to practice his nursing skills on sick relatives, and has been checking up on me ever since this started. actually, we really don't know if this is vertigo because i've been hypotensive some days and that can be the cause for the dizziness.

it's not really affecting my work, but work is actually affecting my health. haha. i can't stop working even if i really feel like dying alreday. i guess it runs in the women in the family. too strong to let sickness interfere with life. kevin asked me to just rest for at least 2 days. stop using my eyes. yaiks. i have cimc, a project for goldfish, and samio and i are painting. i've also been checking on the kids at school almost everyday.

i guess i am coping. i tend to overwork when i'm in that certain position. hmm. maybe it helps me not to think about the dilemma or shit, and it works. but now it's kinda too much. i can imagine going down with the flu as soon as everything's done. usually happens. but what can i do, i am enjoying.

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