Thursday, May 13, 2010

i miss my starbucks

the first thing i wanted to do when i got here was to get coffee. so sunday came and i asked tyrone if we can just drive our pamangkins to sta. mesa after the evening service and get starbucks on the way home. of course, he cannot resist invitations like that. the clock in the car read 10:45 when we got in. i announced that we'll be at sta. mesa at 11:30. good thing that traffic was really light already. and we had enough time to get to gateway for my coffee before everything closed down.

we were like 5 minutes away from the sta. mesa house, i was busy stating our options(coffee bean and tea leaf, cafe adriatico. starbucks, etc.). i fixed my eyeglasses when suddenly, the left temple broke off! and i was like, wtf! still i was determined to get my coffee. but i had to stop for a bit because whatever's left of the glasses were wiggly and it made me dizzy.

we discovered that aurora blvd. is like a really long stretch of 7-11less land. the drive took forever because we had to slow down to look for any convenience store. finally we got to the araneta center, passed by the well-lit and busy coffee bean and tea leaf, and continued to a mini-stop, but they didnt have any super glue. went to a 7-11 and they were out of stock, too. went to another 7-11 and finally got my glue.

yes! coffee! drove to the parking lot, but the one near the cafes were closed so i had to turn around and park at the one we just passed by. walked blindly to the area where the cafes are, and yup, you guessed it, closed na lahat!!! wah!!!!

ended up at baang coffee somewhere in cainta and checked out the manager who was a very willing victim. he probably enjoyed that i stared. lol.

the superglue did give up after a day, and this is how my 6 year old eyeglasses look now:too bad i have to leave next friday and i don't have time to get a replacement. tsk tsk. ok pa to! lol. well, i have no choice but to keep it this way until i get back. hay china...

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