Friday, May 14, 2010

sun bathing inside the house? no problem!

made a huge mistake of setting up my work station right before the windows. i now have a nice tan and my fake giorgio armani shades is doing a great job. haha, kim told me to set up my umbrella on the table to shield me from the afternoon sun. great idea! lol.

even putting on clothes feels like torture. i wonder how's it gonna be in dongguan next week. the weather predictions also look bad. i just hope i get better before i fly off again. i have parang gitis, kumanta kasi ako ng mga songs ni sharon cuneta sa videoke last saturday. ay, totoo pala, pharyngitis pala, hindi pala parang gitis lang, kasi ang kati talaga!!! kasi naman, from cold and dry, naging warm and humid sa dongguan. tapos pag uwi, ay torture! masama nito kung ang next stop ko ay quarantine sa guangzhou. boo hoo!

i feel bad about being unable to concentrate. i feel bored kasi. lol. funny, but i have the need to multitask talaga. kanina, i was kinda lazy and didn't want to work so i asked tyrone if he wanted to hang out at a cafe to waste time. i ended up working at the cafe. shucks. everyone's telling me that i'm a workaholic. i think it's true. i can't even go out anymore kasi i feel like i'm wasting too much time sa travel. well ,there's nothing better to do anyway. i can party a lot and waste my life away but that bores me too.

it's 5am and i'm still working. gah. oh well. won't be too useful later. i should sleep.

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