Sunday, November 21, 2010

the problem with the prefrontal cortex

well, if this isn't so nice. i have completely washed you out of my hair and i am feeling so free and light!

deleted a few paragraphs. walang kwenta. haha.

ah, reality. time and time again, i have to give myself a slap on the cheek to remind me to snap back to reality. and of course, every time, i shiver, because reality is scary. pero, the truth is, reality is also very simple. and that's so comforting. haha.

survival is the only reality. going through it, i mean, surviving, can look and feel tough and complex, but it's really not. it's just repetition. something repeats itself, in different forms, though, and as you progress, you learn discernment. and then you grow. you get yourself ready for more surviving.

nov 15


and yes. i have 13 hours to spend here at home. yaiks, i am very emotional right now. it's like, i was fine and dandy yesterday, and because i pissed a good friend earlier, i feel really sick now. my fine and dandy shifted to anxiety and i am feeling shattered. my good vibes flew out of the window.

i hate it when i shift to a totally opposite state of mind without any warning.

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