Thursday, December 09, 2010

brukudu, barbeque, etc. in china

okay, i was supposed to stay for just 2 weeks this time. of course, in my heart i know that it won't be like that. this is my 17th day here in my beloved changping town. a lot has happened but i honestly now seem to be in a daze. i am suffering from a weird case of, ehm, simultaneous homesickness and belongingness. haha. i'm so used to being here and it has become really easy to go around, but then i have this sickening urge to fly back home to my baby dog and to the comfort of my empty house.

i learned, though, that the brandy they sell in the small store, which espie fondly calls brukudu, and i do not get along well together. i got so wasted, and it felt like i was on downers. and yes, they did see me go slow mo. i also realized that the beer belly is caused by the tsing tao. and my lumps hurt more when i'm here. but the bbq and karaoke are just so amazing. pangyao's karaoke bar is happening. LOL. my second time there, strangers poured beer into our empty glasses and i got kisses from a gay man. it was like a party without the awkwardness of making small talk since you don't really need to talk with anyone because of the language barrier. haha.

it's nice and cold here and i love the weather. and even though doing mornings is not my forte, i still manage to drag my ass off the bed to go to work. and i discovered that red bull does work. so i've been slugging red bull since monday and i've been awake every morning since.

i can't wait to go home, though. hopefully, i get to stay home until february, and then it's off to frankfurt(if i get a visa) and to sweden(if i can afford it). LOL. so now i just want my head to clear up and go home on monday. i need to fix some stuff, get some paper work done, send packages, and pay the bills.

still in the office right now, my fingers all filthy from the bubble wrap i'm using to pack the mess in the backroom.

ah, i realized something. i feel nothing.

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