Friday, January 06, 2012

stories of the year

wow. 2012. i'm not much of a feel-good, celebration-seeker, grand welcomer of new years, but hello, 2012. 2011 was an ok year, so thanks, and goodbye. so what happened last year? i have to go through my blog to actually remember. i dunno what i took in college that made my memory so crappy. ahaha. this entry will be dedicated to trying to retrieve memories of the past year.

travel - 2011 was a year of travelling, no doubt. started the year with a trip to frankfurt, my first taste of the winter chill. no snow though. it was a tiring trip, and it was ok. right after that, i was able to fly to stockholm to see karenina and daniel. and snow! and paintings by the masters. that made my first trip to europe amazing. and the semla. i can still taste it. LOL. 

then there was bangkok. it was not what i expected, mainly because i was travelling with a group, and only had one friend with me. so it wasn't that fun, but it was nice. at least i got there before the city got floody. lol. floody. hahahahahha whataword.

of course, my gazillion china trips are still on the list. haha, this year, i feel at home in china already. got used to going around, to staying put, to looking for good food, and just being there. 

and another frankfurt trip. with an 8 hour layover in abu dhabi. haha. summer in germany was so nice, i wanted to move there! LOL

health - i got sick i think only twice this year. and i got sick the first time because i ate a bad egg. my fault. gee. then again the last few days of december. must just be myself trying to detox haha. but no more cabooches the lumpy neck! yes! not cancer. haha. sometimes, some of the lymph nodes still swell, though.

work - as for the office, my status is now full-time job/part time salary. LOL. i wanted to quit, but was clinging on because i have to do something for someone. wasn't really happy with the pay anymore, but baby boss decided that i'm such a nice girl and offered me to live in china for real. which means a higher salary. and i accepted. so come march, i'll be officially turning chinese. LOL

as for the goldfish pool, 2011 was quite busy. i had a total of 10 projects. plus one more client came before the year ended ( deadline is march 2012). she's a professional wedding host so she might be a big help to me. oh and a wedding organizer contacted me,too. will be giving her a call in a few days to meet up. 

finance - still poor, but surviving.

love - ahahaha. they love me. LOL. maybe i'm just not the girlfriend type. ah, maybe i send the wrong signals. we'll never know. haha. i asked my cousin the other day why no one takes me seriously, they just want to hang out ( when i say hang out, it doesn't really mean hang out). he asked me if i wanted serious. haha. of course i said no. so it's me! well. if it comes, i'll welcome it with arms open wide. 

relationships - well, the worthy are still in my heart and in my life. and those who are not, well, they can stay where they are. i honestly have let go of the people who killed love for me. i have let go of those who do not value friendship and time spent with one another. i have let go of those who constantly and deliberately make wrong choices even with conscious knowledge of what is right and wrong. i have let go  of  those who make my heart heavy. 

well, this doesn't sum it all up properly, but at least i tried.

this new year, like last year, i plan to take control of those things that i have the power to. it's not about being  selfish or trusting myself too much, but rather, i have confidence in God that He will give me wisdom and He will lead me to wherever He wants me to go.

and the best story i have heard last year came from manong taxi driver. this guy, he's 72 but still is driving. got married at 17, has 8 kids. his mother-in-law didn't like him and would insult him a lot. proved her wrong. went to saudi and lived there for 12 years. no vacations, just to send his kids to school. his kids are all smart, he said. now,3 are teaching in private catholic schools, one in a public school, and his youngest-- a magna cum laude in PUP, a scholar in MLQU-- now a lawyer with his own firm. i asked him why he was still driving. he said he'd feel weak if he stops. his anecdotes were all funny and at the same time touching. galing mo manong. best story of the year.

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