Thursday, January 19, 2012

into the new year

well, there's really nothing new. not even new clothes.ah, i have a new trench coat. that's it i guess. oh, and i'm sorta almost seeing someone new. kinda,but not yet really. it's not even a dating thing. but yeah, it's something new-ey.
was kinda sick for a few days, low blood pressure. i think it's a thing for me, i mean, getting hypotensive when a new year comes. LOL. i've been putting on make up almost everyday, too. i think that really happens when you get older. fights boredom.
i miss my mum and my dada. it feels shitty most of the time now to be alone in the house. i mean, i like my alone times, but there are times when you just want to snuggle with the parents. haha, except if you live with parents, you can't walk in the house naked. and you can't leave your sex toys wandering around the bedroom. haha!
so, as of today, my house is a mess, and i, i am a mess. trying to clean up,though. little by little.i hope i can get money for minor repairs here also. it's so scary whenever i think of 'maintenance'. gah, that's why i sold the cars.
i'd like to maintain my sanity first in order to keep everything else organized. will update soon. and will post photos, too!

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