Friday, June 23, 2006

don't we feel blue today?

my head is a mess. it hurts like hell. i hate walking in UP. for the love of God, i sweat too much! i just can't bare seeing myself walking the streets of UP at this age. hey, i'm old enough to be the professor. oh, let me whine! i just need to let go of all the frustrations.

i asked my bestfriend, who also happens to move in the circle, if she ever imagined herself living an artist's life ten years ago. haha. well, seems like being a doctor or getting a white-collared job was easier to imagine. but the calling of that road is stronger. life is so hard. and bittersweet. money's scarce and you're always stressed out but at the end of the day, you are happy. i wouldn't trade that for anything.

i am trying to write 2 articles to submit to the local newspaper. but my thoughts are just too scattered to write about a single objective topic.

i get too drained. my students are obviously quite pleased that i'm back in their lives. the university however, doesn't feel the same way, i guess. and after a long day, i go clean my baby dog's cage and feed him. after that, i throw off my shoes and watch captain barbell. how amusing pa kaya can life get? naiinis na nga ako kay jackie lou blanco. buti na lang, maganda sya sa master showman, kahit walang tulugan, fresh pa din sya. i think many teachers end up as old maids because they are too tired to have a real life. and see how teachers are treated here in the counry. low wages, terrible conditions. buti na lang, i get my own fan sa school. hehe.

seriously, inspite of the fulfillment i get from teaching, i can complain pa din. mahirap talaga! kaya treat me nicely ha.

i need a massage! well, i guess i'm just getting old na. oh well, my life is really okay. i'll write about the real cause of this craziness soon. my sister wants me out of the house na. goodbye!