Monday, June 26, 2006

kitchen scenes. hamburger patties and eggs, sunny side up, at 3 am.
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our room is a hell hole. the house repairs reached our room. the original door will be walled up and the door moved to another part of the room. we can't sleep in our beds because the debris is everywhere. it's not just dust but tiny pieces of concrete. the mason has gone through the wall already. it really is inconvenient. ho hum. i sleep on the couch now. will be staying in the studio next week. at least, i can get away from the mess.

today, i fried 75 burgers, toasted the same number of buns and cooked 4 kilos of jumbo hotdogs. my feet hurt so much from standing up for almost 3 hours in front of the stove. my baby nephew, beans, celebrated his 2nd birthday today. they hired two clowns. the bidang clown was also the antagonist. he kept teasing a neice, making fun of her because she's really heavy. ugh, tasteless. so in any case, people of antipolo, please do yourselves a favor, don't hire clowns from hulaballoons. nasty. i am taking this personally since he kept making fat jokes. well, genetics unfortunately gave us the biggest joke. still, that's not the way to treat clients. nakakainis, actually, he was really mean to other kids as well. not wholesome, his act.

oh well, some people just don't know how to act properly.

sabagay, salbahe naman talaga ang clowns. underneath the make-up, it is evilness incarnate.

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