Wednesday, August 16, 2006

doggie news and vibrating things

cyrus now can understand "sit!" yipee! oh, i really hate rainy days when i can't take him out for walks. so now that it's somewhat dry, i made him run around the garage. he was so excited that he didn't even bite a lot. haha! i'm starting on "no bite" and "go poo" soon. "no jump" isn't too much of a problem yet. i can still manage his weight. he's as almost big as kyla now.
oh, kyla is our mixed baboy-dog. you see, mom really feeds her a lot. she's really pretty, but she's now obese. now that cyrus is done with his shots, i'll be taking kyla to the vet one of these days so we can update hers. she was almost 14 dog years when she came to live with us. her old humans gave her up because they got labradors. well, i won't be saying goodbye to her anytime just yet. kyla is really sweet and loyal. but she gets jealous of cyrus, i know. just today, she wouldn't get the dentastix i was offering her because she smelled cyrus' scent on me.
i just hope they'd be friends. kyla is very territorial and she doesn't like cyrus. and i can't deny that cyrus really likes playing rough. hmm. i might take them out for a walk together so that they could go bonding. i will be taking their pictures after we get kyla's eyes checked by the vet.
yesterday, my friend letlet and i went to this place where they offer 45 minutes of vibration and acupressure for only 50 bucks. well, i was made to use this gizmo that looked like a weightlifters belt. the insides had these small rubber knobs that vibrate and for all i know, feel like they send tiny bits of electricity into your insides. it was really funny because the muscles conracted without any effort from me and well, it actually felt good. i don't really know what they actually do, but the big poster said something about weight and pain control. now, these are two things i really need to get a hold of. i'm going back soon.
we were given a gallery schedule. wow. 3 months to paint.
cyrus is sleeping now. i bet he was really glad get out of his cage. he played with his squeak toy for a solid 15 minutes.
three years ago, i was ready to give up painting to get hitched. glad things didn't work out the way i planned it to be.

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