Monday, August 21, 2006

oh, holiday! but still i woke up because we had to go to laguna. we went to the rizal recreation center to get a reservation for the school camp.

wow. that campsite still takes my breath away. the campsite was built on almost 3 hectares of green green grassland which was originally a coconut farm. the coconut trees are majestic and the rainy season adds beauty to the place., not the season, because everytime i go there, there's always rain. every thing seems greener in the rain. this is the place where you stay out while it's drizzling but you don't get wet. and as soon as you walk through the gates, time seems to stop, and every thing moves in slow motion. every sensation you feel is of coolness. wonderful.
nature for the old soul. it's truly a fine thing. i got my feet wet and muddy walking on the grass. nothing there required one to rush.
in january, though, when we go back there with the children, the busy bodies will be running noisily around those wide open spaces. they will be bouncing off the 70-foot water slide and splashing about the swimming pool. they will be tumbling on the sand playing volleyball, and probably scraping their knees on the basketball court. i can't wait. whee!
from laguna, we went straight to the mall of asia. we tried out this resto, gumbo. i think this resto is owned by the same people who own burgoo. hay, the food wasn't really special, the prices a little high, and man, ang layo! pasay. shucks.
hmm. a few months ago, i swore, i won't get caught dead in a mall that is unreasonably far and well, crowded. hehe, i have this thing for the reclamation area. and i hate the stench of the manila bay. well, since we were coming from the south, we went anyway. and thank god for valet parking. won't be going back anytime soon.
sleepy. gotta rush a plate.

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