Saturday, February 17, 2007

cold cold feet

so i stop for a while and think hard.

don't you want it?

yeah, i do.

i mean, really, really want it?


why just that?

i've grown up.

and so how are we today? oh, i've been busy, tired, lonely, and quiet. just tonight my feet started hurting. i got cold feet. i don't really like myself too much today. i have been spreading myself too thin, exhausting my energy.

i'm in my drama queen mode tonight. do i need to be?

i'll just see gregory house now.


russ said...

sumakit paa mo kse inikot natin ang shangrila. hehehe... will send u the pics later. i have to ask someone pa to transfer the file to my folder. :)

abba said...

ok. thanks sweetie.

yeah really sakit haha!and kasi i had to watch kevin fix the room pa. wah!