Thursday, April 30, 2009

ang mundo ko,kumukutitap ang ngiti!

a few days ago, we had no electricity at home and it rained really hard. so i went to bed in the middle of the day, but couldn't really sleep. i just lied down there, sniffing hidalgo's butt(he's a pink bear/human baby), and started praying. prayed for mum and dada and ten and ali. prayed for the goldfish pool and china. prayed for mikkey. prayed that he won't forget that i exist. prayed for the impossible things. prayed for more stuff.

he texted me last night asking how long spaghetti can last in the freezer. so lame ,but yeah, it made me melt like butter. wrote "abba mendoza has a soft buttery spot" as my status in facebook. this manfloozy/friend/swedish meatball commented,"also known as the clitoris". my cousin commented that i should do bikram again to melt the stubborn sebo. yeahahaha, right. mikkey's my soft spot.

slept at 5am, woke up at 8:30am when ricelle(my cvg row 4 friend) called to ask me if we were meeting up today. got a migraine attack at 8:34. stayed in bed a little longer trying to sleep again but got a lot of text messages that kept me up. got up to get things ready for the day. packed for tagaytay after taking a bath. had a hard time doing so since i wanted to bring only one bag but my laptop's really huge so i ended up packing two heavy bags.

got a text message from the printers asking me to send the jpeg file again for bim and gen's save the date card. took out the laptop again and packed it again. left before the rain fell. walked from edsa shangrila plaza to the mall while concentrating on thinking that the bags weren't heavy. went straight to agave and talked to this really sexy girl with a mustache to reserve a table for 10 for me and my cvg friends.

karen(the last of the ecarebears) got to shangrila after an hour. was eating a vegetable pie and drinking iced caramel macchiatto when she got to starbucks. yoshi came in after a few minutes. talked about goldfish and random stuff. pearl(ang babaeng korteng perlas) showed up. talked a little more. reminiscing ang drama. haha.

walked backed to agave. celle came and we ordered a pitcher of cancun margarita.ann and mimi(loveteam of the century) came through the "show" entrance and got confused. made fun of them while i got them and walked back to the resto . russ was there when we got back. ordered the seafood supremo platter and nachos. made fun of everything. talked about other cvg people not present. laughed heartily. talked about nonsense and old chismis and laughed more.

the printers came and left the samples and am glad we met. they're a nice couple.

soon, marvin(boytoy ni reng) came, followed by ali and pao(hot couple with a really cute little son named eli na di daw kamukha ni pao kaya kamukha na lang ni ali). waited for food for a long time. kept asking from water from the waitress i spoke with earlier. they said her abs were hot, i said she has a mustache. soon everyone started staring at her upper lip. bad boys and girl. yoshi and russ left after a lot of picture taking and chocolates and SG keychains.

finally, reng(hot momma) came and talked some more. dinner ended after a few beers. got in a cab with karen. went to taft and paid the cab driver a fuckin amount of 202.50 for that ride. what an ass.

got a goodnight message from mikkey. kumukutitap ang ngiti.

had an adventure with karen. no tagaytay bus was passing through taft so we rode an fx going to imus. was still in taft when i had the urge to pee. got off at a 7 11 in cavite, no restrooms. got in a jeepney going to a place uhmm i forgot but it sounded like playa playa.(pala pala pala. haha) haha. when we got there, we got in another jeepney, this time going straight to tagaytay. an fx ride and 2 jeepney rides while stopping myself from peeing. haha. and the trip lasted for like at least 2 hours.

walked from the highway to the house. loved the drizzle. loved the toblerone celle gave us.

loved today.

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russ said...

it was a fun night. too bad, i had to leave early.