Friday, April 17, 2009

pain in the neck

it's 5 am and i think my sleep pattern is gonna go back to the way it used to be. of course i have to take action on this, but i really can't just tell myself to sleep. haha. i just got home from the neighbors' where the girls had mindoro sling and popcorn. talked about sensible and more senseless stuff. talked about ex-lovers and sex and promiscuity and the lack of sex. haha. half of the night was spent on stories that we know of already but never talked about again since i had a boyfriend. so after a long time of being a good "girlfriend", i'm back, kids!

listening to velvet underground. now, i don't think that i should be trying to avoid whatever comes my way anymore. of course, i still do miss my, errr, not mine anymore pala, "the" pajama man. but i think i should just forget about that since the pajama man seems to have forgotten me already. not forget really, but actually just go on ahead with my life.

so what's up with me?

well, i started the goldfish pool. there's a link here somewhere so just look for it and check it out(it's different kasi for IE and mozilla, so just use your common sense and look for it where it's supposed to be). just something small to actually be able to practise a little creativity since i have not decided yet whether i should continue painting or not. been busy with it, looking for the perfect printers, but i think i'm getting lucky. haha. hopefully, this will last, because there's something else going on in my life.

then there's this china thing that i'm looking forward to. i just need to get my passport renewed and hopefully, by july, i'll be in china already. my friend got me this textile designing job and i am relearning how to use photoshop. it's definitely something new for me. haha, my artwork usually look crude and dirty and nasty and suggestive, so textile designing is sorta a big step away from what i'm used to do.

it's funny but i think my life-changing life-saving thing arrived this year right on time. honestly, i told myself that if nothing life-changing/saving happens before i turn 30, imma kick the bucket. it wasn't what i expected, but nevertheless, it was what i needed.

so today's already the next day. april 20. got to sleepy while writing this post. so ok. as i was saying, i have so many things to worry about, but it's not really making me anxious or anything. it's the good kind of stress, actually.

one more thing, i have another new job. and it's gonna be home-based so i got my nifty sun broadband and am delighted that i have an amazing internet connection. i can even use it inside a speeding car. will probably start the training later, and will have test classes. it's ESL for japanese students. i'm so thrilled that i won't have to leave the house anymore and walk through scary crowds and ride public transportation.

then there's the graduation ceremony. oh, i actually have to attend two ceremonies: the candlelight ceremony on the 25th and the university graduation on the 26th. don't wanna go really, but family and friends insist. after all these years, they all say i gotta go. dammit. gotta find me clothes, ewww, can't imagine me wearing a white dress...i hope i can get something which i can pair up with shorts and still look decent. man, it's soooo hot, i don't want a dress clinging to my skin in the sweltering quezon city air.

and then off to tagaytay to be with karenina. hay...i love being with her because she's so spontaneous and she's one of the sweetest people in the world. but i have to think about a reunion with the cvg people because another friend is coming home from SG and i promised i'd be free on the 29th but it looks like i'll be in tagaytay. haha. how's that for busy? oh, i won't be really partying in tagaytay, i have to work. and karen would probably be out weeding the garden most of the time. i just want to keep her company. till august before she leaves for sweden. haha.

so when may comes, i will have to get the garage ceiling fixed, the gates repainted, the dogs vaccinated, and get all the garbage out. by the end of may, i should be in cebu alreay to see family i haven't seen in a very long time.

by june i have to get my stuff ready, and be out of here by july. so goodluck with all the work i have to face.

haha, mum and dada always thought that i am so lazy. it's funny but i really am not, i'm a workaholic. i just have to figure myself out. it's just that when i am unemployed, i really do nothing, but when i find work, i actually have more than i can handle.

i guess i am posting this to remind myself of the things i have to do. i'm happy i am keeping myself busy. i hope it's all worth it. listened to "sa wakas" by eraserheads. haha, i want this played at my wedding. or maybe, just play it whenever.

listening to sting now. dying to finish everything this week. i hope printing my first wedding invitation project won't cost too much. tired but still smiling. my friends have never been this close to me and i am glad that i don't have to be alone. i'm happy that everything's falling right into place, and even if it's not enough, it is definitely good enough.

pain in the neck, this busy state. but yeah, the bitch is back.

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russ said...

i'm so glad the bitch is back! hehehe... can i repaint your gate instead? hehehe... can i tag along to tagaytay, too? hehehe...