Tuesday, April 07, 2009

hey,i'm ok!

last week, there was this night that i just couldn't sleep. so i didn't. the next day, i texted camille and told her that i wanna do bikram yoga. so we did. wow. after that, i had dinner with the family at buon giorno. yeah. really a buon giorno for me. slept on the way home. since then, i've been sleeping at night like a baby.

and with what's happening right now, i can say, i really am okay. not perfect, but okay. i have a huge problem, but it makes me happy that i do.

my life-changing, life-saving thing, it's around the corner, just in time. God does answer prayers. and he knows just when to.

i still feel sad for losing someone precious, but i decided not to hope anymore. empty hopes, yeah, i've been warned before. i'm learning acceptance now.

yoga again tonight. gotta sleep!


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