Saturday, June 27, 2009

stories from china

i've been home a day when my throat started to hurt. maybe because of too much huffing and puffing smoke. oh well. so now i have to wear masks since i don't wanna be blamed for carrying any virus from china.

well, china had been a good trip. i was dragged by the boss to maybe 6 cities/provinces(tai zhou, xia men, fu zhou, and some other places) but mainly stayed in dongguan. i stayed in a total of 5 hotels, had 4 airplane rides within china, spent almost a total of 20 hours driving from a city to another, and ate a couple of weird food during my 2-week stay.

so instead of writing about the nice things in china, i decided to write about my mishaps and hilarious experiences. and there are quite a few.

story 1

i was at the terminal 3 at 4pm of june 10. i tried to turn my roaming on 4 times but never got any confirmation. i started texting with dimple to tell her that i'll be seeing her soon and she gave me a few more instructions. i told her that my phone won't work in china so she better make sure that someone would pick me up. i arrived at the guang zhou airport around 9:30, and was out at the arrivals hall around 10. there were people waiting outside, most have sheets of paper with names on them. i was wearing my contact lenses and my eyes were drying up so i had to strain myself to look for my ride home. unfortunately, no one was there for me. boo hoo. i was really tired(thanks to my suitcase and two more bags.damn, i need a lighter laptop).

i waited for a couple of minutes more to see i f someone would turn up. after say, 30 minutes, i decided to look for a phone. so i went to the information desk and made hand signs that i needed a phone card. so finally i was able to call dimple. finally, the driver found me. leche,di naman talaga nya ko hinahanap was almost 12 and it was another 2-hour drive to dong guan. damn. all this time i was thinking, maybe this is a sign and i shouldn't be in china.

haha, the driver was hacking up phleghm during the drive to dong guan but he drove like mad and was at the hotel after an hour and a half. great.

but dimple said, i had to be up by 6:30 because i have to go to schen zhen for a flight to tai zhou. it would be just for a night so i packed an overnight bag. of course, girl talk lasted till the wee hours and i hardly got any sleep. wah.

story 2
phlegm boy was there to pick me up at 6:30 and dropped me off at terminal A in schen zhen. dimple said i should phone the bosses for information. it was too early and not all the stores where open. went downstairs to look for another phone card but the 7 11 didnt have any. so i went back up to ask people but, yeah, no one can understand me. so i went back down again and up again and finally was able to get one upstairs then went back downstairs for the phones. uh oh, the bosses were to meet me in another airport. damn. so i asked someone where i should be checking in. i was supposed to be in terminal B. damn.

and thanks to dimple, i was wearing girly sandals and a skirt(so that i'd look nice for the bosses). my feet were killing me. damn the huge airports!!! so finally i was able to get my boarding pass and found my gate. was in the plane at 8:40 and fell asleep. when i woke up at 9:30, we were still on the ground. and someone announced that we'll be leaving at 9:40. that was scary for me since i couldn't phone the bosses since my stupid phone doesn't work and scarier when the chinese started screaming (profanities i bet). nothing much for me to do so i slept again. yeah we did get to the next airport after an hour.

we were supposed to get off when we were asked to go back to our seats again. haha. police men got in and left with a guy in handcuffs. explains the delay.

finally, saw the bosses and was told that we will be away for 2 days. great. i don't have clothes for 2 days. guess what i did.

my gums were swollen the first few days i was there. the food was too salty and it burned me. tsk tsk. ws able to eat good food when i went to fu zhou. i was with another girl on that trip and i wanted to tell her to go brush her teeth, but i decided against it after she treated me to dimsum.

survived most of the days without any problems. i had misadventures again though after dimple left. during her last night, we went to changping town around 9pm to see the market. she took me out to dinner and dvd shopping and cake shopping. dinner was great, i ordered a lot and went home with leftovers i planned to eat the next day. changping town was like tutuban only bigger with a lot of beggars that chase you around. got me a case of akira kurosawa movies, like 30 of them. and some other stuff. of course i couldnt buy clothes for me since nothing would fit. ahaha. but got really lovely cakes.

story 3

i didn't walk dimple to the car the next day. i don't want to get emotional. before she left, she gave me a couple of rmb to survive the next four days including train and taxi fare to the airport. the day passed quickly and when i got back to my hotel, i got the food from the fridge. so how am i gonna heat the leftovers(pork knuckles, bok choy, potatoes, and chao fan)? simple. boil water, let the food cook, and drain. parang lucky me pancit canton. washed the excess salt and oil away.

and one more thing, i didn't have chopsticks. then i realized, i am filipino for crying out loud. i ate with my hands.haha. nag work naman. haha. all because i didn't want to talk with the people downstairs for some.

story 4

the toilet bowl in my room in dong tian li yuan was weird. i think it needs more pressure to actually flush it down. so, if it's yellow, i let it mellow(like for 2 no. 1's lang ha) and if it's brown, i flush it down. i went in the bathroom one night to wash my hands but i left the soap by the tub. i forgot i was wearing the bedroom slippers( which had plastic soles). i went to get the soap and didn't notice that the floor was wet. yeah. i slipped. the small toes of my left foot hit the tub and worse, my right arm went straight into the toilet bowl. errrr..good thing there was really really hot water and i sterilized myself. haha. my left foot hurt a lot after that. and i did laugh at myself. gross.

argh. too sleepy to tell about stories number 5-8. haha. tomorrow na lang. i hope you got stressed with my stories. haha

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