Sunday, June 28, 2009

more stories from china

here is story number 5

i took a hot bath monday night since my feet were killing me. i only had tuesday and wednesday to spend in china and i was really excited to get this over and done with. around 9:30pm i decided to watch the wolverine movie. which was really great. haha. by 11:30 i was done and ready to sleep. i was so proud of myself because i finally will sleep in before midnight. set my alarm at 7am.

i woke up tuesday morning with a smile on my face and i checked my phone. gah! 8:31! my ride will be there at 8:40! i forgot to turn up the volume of the alarm. hmfttt! so isipin nyo kung anung pagkakandarapa ang ginawa ko. i washed up but didn't shower anymore(since i decided that no matter how smelly i get, the people in the office will be worse). i was downstairs at 8:38. hahahaha!

too bad, my ride came at 8:48.

story 6

so tuesday night means a long hot bath again. and i did scrub myself till i turned red. good thing because, wednesday morning just got worse.

i slept around 3:30am because i had to watch the xmen trilogy. damn. i swear i will not download trilogy mixes anymore. anyway, i was able to get up at 7am. got dressed, went downstairs to buy food and went back to my room. i was taking my sweet time until bath time came. i was thinking, gotta poop so that will be the least of my worries, gotta take a long bath so i'll smell good the rest of the day(which means office,train ride,taxi ride,and plane ride). so yeah, pooped, check, flush, uh oh...won't go down...was able to brush teeth, check...telephone shower, water scalding hot and won't come out if it's higher than my knee...

called the front desk and the girl who answered kept giggling. damn coulnd't understand a single word i was saying. she even came up and told me to go downstairs to wash. ok lang sya, eh naka tuwalya nga lang ako! so from the sink and with a facetowel, i started scrubbing myself with soap and the scalding water. buti na lang si shisharen knocked and gave me half a bucket of water. so nag succeed naman ako, and na flush ko din un toilet.

ouch. my skin stung when i put on cologne. and yeah, i think they sabotaged me. on my last day. the announcement pala was already there, but yep, it was in chinese. sooo stressful.

story 7

the train ride was ok except for the part that i had to carry my suitcase up the steep staircase since rolling it up the ramp would be more complicated. i was able to find my way to guang zhou and was thankful that i decided not to buy cake to take home anymore.

i picked a taxi and the driver spoke broken english. he opened the door to the passenger's side and yeah i did get in. so it was like an hour of talking with him. it was soooo stressful, he was really nice but yeah, the accent was really bad. and he spoke with a lisp. ***nose bleed*** don't want to think about it again

story 8

hmmm...i don't think i have anything else to tell. ah, the moral of the stories? haha...never go to china without a dictionary and without our anti-rabies,anti-tetanus,anti-hepatitis shots. seriously.

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