Wednesday, July 29, 2009

shorter days

been going out a lot. not to bars and parties and stuff like that, though. been hanging a lot with friends, stayed over in tagaytay and mandaluyong, just to cook, eat, watch tv, and talk a lot. went to meet clients, see joy and papa, and just walked aimlessly around a small portion of the city. i guess this makes days feel shorter and time faster.

so far, i finished one project for the goldfish pool. i also got small time lang naman to., but it's all good na din. i'm doing two more projects and i can't wait to get them done. i'm hoping that we can print before august 8. i'm getting anxious about it. however, at the same time, i feel excited and happy. i hope more projects will come on november. that's when my schedule will be clear.

the process of forgetting and healing is here, with occasional painful reminders of what i am trying to forget and what the healing is needed for. well, it's supposed to work that way, i guess. it's long overdue, but at least i know i'll be fine. well, no, i don't think i'll ever be fine. only consolation is that i know i'll be more of an ass than what i was before. and that definitely makes a difference. lol.

i'm going back to china for 2 weeks this august. i'm rather excited about the traveling. more excited than the first time. the thing came right on time, since everyone else is going somewhere. i also could use the change of scene. and i want to get some cheesecake for everyone. lol. next trip will be on october, for the canton fair. that sounds exciting. i like going to fairs. beats doing nothing. haha. but what i'm really looking forward to is my wacom. i'm supposed to get one when i get there.

back to work for me.

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