Saturday, July 04, 2009

sore but not losing

gah! so many things to feel bad about. and this site isn't called "whiney me" for nothing. so i made my "sore about shit" list.

1. sore that i bought my laptop centuries ago to make money, but never got to do that. until now. and it's a dinosaur and i named it "slow"

2. since Slow is a stupid inanimate object, i'm having a hard time using him for my design jobs and my tutorials

3. so sore that i ate a lot in cebu

4. shitty about the fact that i can't get over the pajama man. stupid me. he's probably gotten past the abba stage a long time ago so should quit it, right? too much hang ups, too many cute guys i ran away from.

5. yeah, and i regret that i blew my chances with the guys at will

6. so sore that i don't know if i should get a new laptop or a new internet provider

7. really sore that i don't have money for a new laptop nor a new internet provider

8. too tired from juggling 3 jobs, and frustrated that i'm getting so little done

9. sorry that i counted my chicks before they even hatched

10. shitty again when i think of the fact that i can relocate, you know, if he only asked. but yeah, he didn't

11. pissy about my pimples. at 29.

12. pissy for still being unable to see transformers ii

13. scared that my front tooth will die and fall off

14. sore that i'm running out of creative juices fast because of too much thinking.

15. loathes the person who invented krispy kreme

16. hopeless about going to germany this year

17. sore about broken toys and no shelves

18. hates the fact that money doesn't grow on trees

19. pissy about my being unorganized and sleepless

20. frustrated that i miss the pajama man like hell. in agony for deciding not to hope anymore.

yeah, got a lot of things to complain about, but i also can't help being happy because most of my dilemmas are from happy reasons. just wanted to rant. haha.

i'm in tagaytay and i left hidalgo at home and i can't sleep.

this is hidalgo and me in dong tian li yuan in dong guan

dalgo at the empark grand hotel in fu zhou.

dalgo at the city hotel in xia men

too bad didn't have a cam in tai zhou and in wen zhou. haha. lucky teddy bear/human baby.

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tenten said...

hakuna matata, ateh!

it will come at the right time. tiis tiis muna :]