Friday, July 31, 2009

ok na!!!

ang lakas ng ulan. i'm freezing here!

i thank the universe for giving me this defective sun broadband thingy, which i can use everyday, every hour, except that the connection flactuates every now and then. so that means, my dear bestfriend, joy, that cyber sex isn't at all possible when my webcam won't work. you can't accuse me of that even if i keep myself locked up in the house all day and night. i love that i can use the usb thingy even when i am inside moving cars, except that my laptop has sucky batteries and can last only up to 2 and a half minutes when not connected to an electricity source. i also love it when attaching files to email stir up my emotions because after waiting for 3 hours ,and crying my eyes off the sockets, the files still won't attach because the yahoo and gmail keep timing out.

ahh, technology.

my nokia 1100 died on me a few weeks ago. the battery looks swollen and the adhesive tapes and rubber band feature won't hold it together anymore. i had another mobile phone i kept in case the 1100 died, but ten used it when she was here and took it back with her to hawaii. i asked her to send the phone back instead of getting a new one, but she insisted that it's sucky so she sent me money instead. gah. my baby sister plays the role i should be playing. again. so, i got myself a nokia 6300, which cost me a sweet P6,500. and after paying for it, i realized that i would have been better off with a new battery(P500) an a new housing(around 200 i think) instead. too late.

still trying to figure out how to hold it comfortably and how to actually work the phone. i think it's too slippery and too much color makes my head hurt. but i don't wana sound ungrateful. thank you ten and the universe for giving me a phone that has a real camera. i can now take photos of photos of random guys that look peculiarly familiar posted on mall walls.

this entry was interupted by a phone call. leslee called to say that their house is flooded already. it had only been an hour since it started raining. at least she is prepared this time. the last time she almost went crazy and kept crying. two more days before they move out of the house and they get this going-away gift. so lets and i went to pick her up and her brother-in-law. poor girl. kagaganda,lumulusong sa baha at sa lahat ng mikrobyo na dulot nito.

worse is that i have a tummy ache. naeLBMbo ako.scary! i don't know why, maybe it's because that i had a KFC snack box, a baby cake from sugarhouse, and dinner at teriyaki boy in a span of four hours. wah! i hope it's just that because i don't wana die of the uni sashimi i ate. so now i know that i'm ready for detox.

i have to go to the travel agency later. gah! i dread the travel agent. she's like the black hole of cheer and a brick wall rolled into one motherf*ckin being. seriously. can you believe this, the day i was to fly to china, she made me go to QC to pick up my passport and other documents. instead of meeting me somewhere halfway and making my life easier, she had to be the source of a lot of panic. and the airport is like 2 hours away from their office! and her voice, argh, she sound like she has testosterone overdose. but of course, i don't wana be mean to her. she goes to the embassy for my visa and i don't have to see makati(i swear, i hate the place).


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tenten said...

blah. i swore to you years ago that i'll support your starving artist lifestyle. so shut up before i shove that phone up your okole. haha. i loves you!

and tell ate les to buy a bota!