Saturday, August 08, 2009

sleep all day

if vampires were real, i would be one. slept as soon as the sun appeared and woke up when it disappeared. if i were a vampire, i'll probably have nicer skin, too.

will be leaving on monday for china. was expecting a wednesday flight, but the travel agent booked me for monday without consulting dimple. so i'll be alone till the the 14th. my boss won't arrive till the 13th,too. eeeep. but what i dread is monday morning when i have to wake up early to go the bank to see if i can get my money, then rush to QC for my passport, go back to marikina to meet with lets who'll take me to the airport. that was what i was trying to avoid, but thanks to my amazing travel agent, she just made my life harder up a notch.

so goodluck to the vampire who can't stand daylight.

won't be able to blog for 11 days. china's got this holy firewall you can't mess with.

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